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What is a community?

A community of collaboration offers the possibility to treat those issues of concern or curiosity in terms of electronic administration provide a platform in which to share experiences and knowledge. Communities of collaboration of PAe can be open to both Public Administrations as citizens and businesses.

Within communities, besides being able to establish a dialogue in their internal forums, allows share documentation and related information.

Available communities

Currently available communities are:

  • Accessibility community . Comunidad de usuarios del Observatorio de Accesibilidad para compartir conocimientos en esta materia y usar el servicio de diagnóstico on-line de la accesibilidad.
  • Forum by the Electronic Document . Espacio de colaboración público-privada para documento, expediente y archivo electrónicos.
  • Folder forum Citizen . Para aunar la visión de las Administraciones Públicas y sector privado en relación al desarrollo de la administración digital y lo servicios al ciudadano, personas físicas y jurídicas.
  • Forum of Electronic Invoice . In this forum are displayed and debate on the current situation of electronic invoices, options for improvement and progress in the short, medium and long term for the full integration of the electronic invoice in buying processes of public administrations.

Users of communities

In addition to the anonymous user that only accesses the general information of the community, there are three types of users: administrators, partners and users of query.

  • Question: have permissions to visualize the tabs deprived of the community and possibility to participate in the forum associated with it.
  • Contributors: besides the permissions of consultation can contribute to the tab of documentation.
  • Administradores de la Comunidad: controlan toda la edición de contenidos de la Comunidad y la gestión de usuarios.

New communities

If you want to create a new collaborative Community can be requested through the Focus integrators and Developers (Opens in new window) : indicating, in addition to contact details, the name and objective with the community.

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