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Strategic plans in the Autonomous Community Canarian

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Canarian observatory of telecommunications and the information society (OCTSI)

The Canarian Observatory of telecommunications and the information society is the tracking tool, analysis and dissemination of the situation in the sector of new technologies of information and communications, the audiovisual sector and the information society

Estrategia para la Modernización y Mejora de los Servicios Públicos de la Administración Pública de la Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias 2012-2014 (PEMAC)

Published in the BOC No 195. Thursday 4 October 2012 which publishes the resolution of 3 August 2012, which provides the publication of the agreement which approves the strategy for the modernization and improvement of public services of public administration of the Autonomous Community Canarian 2012-2014 (PEMAC). It is a document of 70 pages, focused on the following lines of action:

  1. Development and implantation of electronic administration.
  2. Simplification of administrative procedures and reduction of administrative burdens.
  3. Quality improvement in the provision of public services.
  4. Evaluation of programmes and public policies.
  5. The address by objective-oriented way.
  6. Integral management of knowledge.
  7. Transversality
  • Electronic services