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Form Creation System for Web Publishing (FORMA)

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    Acceso a FORMA (Abre en nova xanela)
    FORMA is a system to create forms and surveys to be filled out on the web.

    It enables editors to create self-managed forms without programming knowledge.
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    Any Public Administration
    Network service for end-users
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    Technical area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP
    Functional area:
    Persoal documents , Government and public sector
    Not applicable
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    FORMA is a system that allows you to generate forms and surveys for filling through the web. The editor provides the ability to create forms, without the need for programming skills and that can be self-administered by each Publisher.

    The system allows to generate surveys/forms open, restricted to a closed group of users, anonymous, that require signature, etc. Allows you to include questions of open, closed, multiple-choice, unique selection, conditional, attach files, etc.

    It gives the possibility to the editor and administrator of the form of being able to manage the answers of the respondents, closing the form when you want to, returning responses to the user if desired, export the data to excel for further treatment, etc.

    Ultimately, it simplifies the action to collect information from Governments, replacing the sending of documents in excel, word, etc. through e-mail and its subsequent operation by a system that presents information in a unified manner collected through the questionnaire published.

    In order to be a user with permissions to create surveys and forms simply should be user of the PAe with profile of public administration.


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