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Basque Public Network of centres KZgunea

  • Short Name:
    The Digital literacy project consisted of the launch of a network of public service centres for training and the use of the TICs in all the municipalities of Mountain Bike.
    Target audience:
    Citizen, Company
    Agencies Responsible:

    Serafin Olcoz Yanguas
    Editor of computing and telecommunications

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Gestión de servicios y sistemas , Sitios web, sedes electrónicas y atención al ciudadano
    Functional Area:
    Education, culture and sports
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:


    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    La Red Pública Vasca de Centros KZgunea, adscrita a la Dirección de Informática y Telecomunicaciones, born in 2001 following the Mountain Bike Plan in the information society (PESI) 2002-2005 que contemplaba numerosas iniciativas dirigidas a la integración de la ciudadanía vasca en la Sociedad de la Información.

    Este Proyecto ha contado desde su inicio con la colaboración de la Asociación de Municipios Vascos (EUDEL), con la finalidad de launch a network of public service centres for training and the use of the TICs in all the municipalities of Mountain Bike.


    • Provide a platform to boost e-administración that facilitates formación relativa a transacciones electrónicas, tutoriales de uso y promocione los distintos servicios de la AE.
    • Exercise as means of deployment of the Digital signature , launching solicitud-entrega points of the card citizen and form in the use of digital certificates and digital signature.
    • Provide free demonstration of the E-administración to increase the levels of trust and knowledge of citizens from the new services offered.
    • Serve as a platform for the deployment of a training catalog to users in digital processes
    • Keep formación en Internet reduciendo brecha digital y potenciado el conocimiento de las TIC.

    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation

    • The direction of the project faced the goal of open at least one centre KZgunea in each and every one of the municipalities of Mountain Bike, including municipalities of difficult access, without prior communication infrastructure. To achieve the opening of the 277 centres, the direction of the project required of interinstitutional collaboration of several administrations resulting in the optimization of resources, avoiding duplication of efforts and offered united response to demands.
    • Key to the implantation of electronic processing services has been training basis of citizenship in the TIC and the willingness of staff trainer in remote areas technologies
    • An important improvement has been the introduction of the catalogue of services, which has given way to the exploration of a new generation chronologically of uses and profiles in addition to publicize a range of benefits.


    30 September 2011

    KZgunea celebrates its tenth anniversary Unshade accordion

    Comienza una nueva etapa en la que impulsará la administración electrónica, el software libre y la informática en la nube.

    Con una dilatada trayectoria en la alfabetización de la sociedad vasca en Internet y entornos digitales, la red de telecentros del Gobierno Vasco, KZgunea, comienza su segunda década con nuevos retos: la innovación social a través del desarrollo de competencias tecnológicas.

    For this account with a wide formative experience involving more than 365,000 people and a wide catalogue formatiu constantly updated with more than 100 courses geared to the TIC, e-administración, security on the Internet and free software among others.

    Direct contact with users has strengthened the project and has given him the impetus to face the challenges that the current society demands. In this new stage, KZgunea makes a firm commitment by electronic administration, participating with METAPOSTA and the Digital certificate of Izenpe in training and dissemination through courses and high attendance.

    Free Software and cloud computing are another of their bets. Universalize new technologies and generate a society with wide digital skills is one of the premises of KZgunea and these two concepts are perfect companions to move this goal.

    To be able to fulfill its new proposals has been surrounded by a collaborative environment solid and effective. Since 2008 KZgunea forms part of the Community Association telecentre networks, which allows you to participate in numerous projects with telecentre networks in other autonomous communities.


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