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Inventory of Tape

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    The inventory of Tape of CRM is a Web application that enables you to manage the whole process of publication of an administrative procedure in the inventory of the university that is installed, as well as its low. Provides an interface that allows the query to portals and external applications, such as, for example, a Seat Mail, of processes that contains. Furthermore, allows the export and synchronization of procedures published in the Administrative Information system (SIA) of the General administration of the state (AGE).
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    Any Public Administration
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    Daniel Sánchez Martínez (
    Project leader E-government – CRM

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    Support for the processing electronics, horizontal services for the AA.PP, websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen
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    Government and the public Sector
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    Legal, organizational, technical
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    La Universidad de Murcia ha desarrollado la aplicación “Inventario de Trámites Administrativos” para hacer posible la gestión de todo el proceso de publicación de un trámite en el Inventario de procedimientos y servicios de la Universidad en la que se encuentre instalado, en base a un flujo de gestión que incorpora la herramienta y a la existencia de diversos roles, de acuerdo a la “ Inventorying methodology Tape ” proposed by the CRM itself.

    Moreover, this application allows the publication automatic in the “ Administrative information system (SIA) ” of the General administration of the state (AGE), which serves as the catalogue of information on administrative handling of procedures and services to citizens. The tape published in the SIA are shown in the General Access point (P), entrance gate of the citizen to all public administrations.

    La gestión de la publicación de un trámite en la aplicación “Inventario” comprende lo siguiente:

    • Publication of a process . Request for a procedure inventorying and subsequent incorporation to the inventory of procedures and services of the University in question.
    • Greater or lesser modification process . Modifications on the change of procedure that can (modification greater) or not (minor modification) involve substantial changes in the description of the process.
    • Export-processing SIA . Alta de un trámite incorporado al Inventario de procedimientos y servicios de la Universidad en SIA.
    • Synchronization of processing en SIA . Move SIA modifications in the description of a procedure that is already registered in this system.
    • A low . Terminate an inventory processing procedures and services of the University in question. Whether this process is also included in SIA, additionally, is its low, automatically, in this System.

    The application offers the following user roles :

    • Inventory applicant . Users who must give high administrative procedures. Moreover, you can modify, create versions and dismiss inventory procedures.
    • Unit management of processes . Users who are part of the transversal unit responsible for decision-making on technical homogeneous characterization of processes and adapt them to the existing regulatory framework.
    • Inventory responsible . Usuario con la potestad para la incorporación o supresión de trámites en el Inventario de procedimientos y servicios de la Universidad.

    The management flow that the application offers for the publication of a procedure described below:

    • The request is initiated by the Applicant , completando la información necesaria, y es revisada por un miembro de la Unit management of processes supplementing technical attributes of processing and, if necessary, makes changes minors. If you need more changes (i.e. implies substantial changes in the description of the process), are reported to Applicant , quien los lleva a cabo y vuelven a ser revisados por la Unit management of processes .
    • Once the Applicant and Unit management of processes validate the handling, requested the publication Maintainer .
    • If the application is granted, the Unit management of processes performs the publication of the procedure within the application. Otherwise, we must take measures to consider the Maintainer .
    • If the procedure has been published in “ Inventory ” and decides that, furthermore, discharge en SIA, a member of the Unit management of processes mark the export to SIA for this procedure.
    • Si el trámite sufre alguna modificación con posterioridad al paso anterior, un miembro de la Unit management of processes mark the synchronization en SIA for this procedure.
    • If desired, sometime later, the process, the Applicant mark the procedure for its low. A member of the Unit management of processes formally request to the low Maintainer . If it is authorized, the Unit management of processes dará de baja definitivamente el trámite de “Inventario” (y enviará una solicitud de baja a SIA, si estaba publicado). Si la baja no es autorizada, la Unit management of processes low quashes the “ Inventory ”.


    06 May 2019

    El Inventario de Trámites Administrativos se presenta en una videosesión TECNIRIS Unshade accordion

    La aplicación Inventario de Trámites Administrativos ha sido presentada en una videosesión organizada conjuntamente por RedIRIS y el grupo de Administración Electrónica de CRUE-TIC.

    The video of the meeting is available on the following address (Opens in new window) .


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