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Infrastructure and Electronic documentation systems

  • Short Name:
    Access Inside (Opens in new window)
    InSide is a system for the management of electronic documents and files that meets the requirements for that both can be stored and / or available according to the ENI, scheme that provides the basic rules for sharing and storage of documents and electronic records. Implies Fully electronic document management of documents of management alive in the file as a prelude to the final archiving of the documentation in an interoperable format and lasting.

    Además, integra servicios de Interconexión con la Administración de Justicia y en general, con otras administraciones.

    As a complement to InSide add features related to the management of electronic documents with CSV, as the generation, consultation or storage of documents, taking into account aspects of interoperability of public administrations.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user
    Network service insertable in customer applications
    Installable product

    Focus integrators and Developers (CAID)

    To communicate a high incidence or support request to the center of attention to Integrators and developers (CAID), fill in the following form:

    List of notifications of the Suite Inside

    There is a distribution list for users of the Suite Inside through which are broadcast notifications on:

    • New versions.
    • Changes in the platform.
    • Patches.
    • Problems / bugs relevant.
    • News

    To this list , you can subscribe to users, both technical staff and managers of public administrations that are using Inside. to register you can use the following link (Opens in new window) .

    For more information, visit the Forum by the Electronic Document

    Type of Solution:
    Open source application
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Management of services and systems, support for the processing electronics, horizontal services for the AA.PP, websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    EUPL (European Public License)
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    JAVA, Web Services
    Operating system:
    Linux, Windows


    InSide is a system for the management of electronic documents and files that meets the requirements for that both can be stored and / or available according to the National Schema of Interoperability. Implies Fully electronic document management of documents of management alive in the file as a prelude to the final archiving of the documentation in an interoperable format and lasting.

    InSide is provided in two different ways for use by any administration:


    Allows to store and modify documents and electronic records in any documentary manager that is compatible with the standard CMIS, as well as the metadata binding partners. Allows the association of documents to files, the management of Contents (through folders and links of files).

    Allows validation and display of documents and files for use on paper, and the management of signatures of each file managed.

    This service is available in the cloud SARA as well as installable and distributable product.

    G-Inside (generator of Inside)

    Is the provision of a battery of Web services in the cloud SARA to validate and generate documents and files based on the ENI, generation of viewing PDF documents of the document and electronic file. G-Inside does not store anything, can only be used as a way of conversion to electronic documents and files for storage on another system. Allows the use of services for validation syntax of documents and electronic records.

    Se dispone de una Web para probar g-inside en la dirección: (Opens in new window) , free and free.

    CSV Suite

    As a complement to InSide se añaden funcionalidades relacionadas con la gestión de documentos electrónicos con CSV, como la generación, consulta o el almacenamiento de documentos, teniendo en cuenta los aspectos de interoperabilidad de las Administraciones Públicas.

    To offer the full functionality of electronic document management also adds the possibility of using standard templates, accepted by the application Notifies for printing and enveloping on paper.


    16 April 2019

    Adoption of Common Metadata schema (eEMC) as a recommendation of use for all the AAPP Unshade accordion

    Como resultado de los trabajos del Grupo de Documento, Expediente y Archivo electrónico tanto del Comité Sectorial como del CDTIC se ha aprobado el Esquema de Metadatos Comunes como recommendation to use by all public administrations.

    The Common Metadata schema (eEMC) some entities shapes common to all processing procedures such as the Interested, both physical person or legal representative, process, procedure, Documentary Information of context and Public agency.

    - Interested : information related to the interested as your contact details, identification, consent or paths of notification.

    - Processing : información descriptiva de un trámite como sector, datos de la unidad tramitadora, datos del funcionario resolutor, etc.

    - Procedure descriptive information: an administrative procedure as recipients, effects of administrative silence, policy which supports, etc.

    - Documentary information : información contextual de un documento que describe la aplicación tramitadora de referencia, datos del expediente al que pertenece, etc.

    - Public agency : information describing an organic unity.

    For more information about the schema, access Download Area , en el apartado de Grupo de Trabajo de documento, expediente y archivo electrónico

    08 March 2019

    Servicios de remisión en la nube - aplicaciones remitentes que comparten certificado Unshade accordion

    Available in a new production version Inside (v . This version has included a set of new features and various improvements

    Changes that includes the new version are:

    • Referral services in the cloud. It lets you add request header in the parameter dir3Remitente . De esta manera se puede diferenciar entre aplicaciones que utilicen el mismo certificado de cliente.
    • Web services. It enables applications with more than an organic unity associated, may indicate, optionally, the organic unity for which is going to perform the operation, leaving It as organic unity active. If not indicated this field will be the organic unity that already has active implementation. Transactions in which adds this optional parameter are:
      • altaDocumentoCambioFormato .
      • altaDocumentoCopiaParcial .
      • altaDocumentoDigitalizado .
      • altaDocumentoEni
      • altaDocumentoEniXml
      • altaDocumentoOriginal .
      • altaDocumentoOtros .
      • altaExpedienteEniXml .
    • Web services. It allows you to query the shipper referral state of justice even for the files that have been eliminated from Inside.
    • Corrects a problem detected in the operation borrarDocumento : no se permite borrar un documento asociado a un expediente, sin importar la versión del mismo.
    • Adds page in the table credentials received.
    • Corrects a problem with the metadata namespace additional ENI. now the label metadatosAdicionales you can carry a different prefix ns7.
    • Accepts all kinds of files in the high and the convertirDocumentoENI .
    • To download the contents of a file ENI, if the documents come with the metadata "natural name" informed, use this name within the zip downloaded.
    • Adds a new operation, obtenerResguardoAuditoriaAcceso , serving PuntoRemisionWebService, para descargar justificantes de acceso a expedientes por remisión en la nube. Dicha operación recibe un parámetro que es el identificador del expediente. El resultado se obtiene, es el resguardo con extensión .pdf en Base64.
    • Other improvements and fixes minors.
    16 November 2018

    Eeutils: published the first version distributable. Unshade accordion

    Released the first version of the distributable of each Eeutils modules (v.4.2.0) EUPL licensed.

    Eeutils es el componente de la Suite CSV que agrupa diversas funcionalidades relacionadas con la generación de CSV y gestión de firmas e informes. Eeutils se divide en cinco módulos:

    1. Eeutil-Util-Firma. Allows you to generate CSVs vouchers and signature, as well as validate hash.
    2. Eeutil-Firma. This module allows signatures on server.
    3. Eeutil-Oper-Firma. Este módulo permite validar firmas y certificados, obtener información de las firmas y certificados, comprobar o convertir a firmas longevas y resellado de firmas.
    4. Eeutil-Vis-Docexp. It allows you to display any document in PDF.
    5. Eeutil-Misc. This module allows the conversion of documents to other formats as well as validate ENI files and documents.

    The installation of Eeutils allows for compatibility with other systems offered by the SGAD without the need to use the resources in the cloud.

    Con esta publicación se amplían las opciones de reutilización de sistemas desarrollados por la SGAD evitando la duplicidad de esfuerzo en otras administraciones, tanto estatal, como autonómica o local.

    In the downloads section of the Suite Inside  podrán descargar el paquete distribuible, así como un manual para su instalación.

    07 November 2018

    CSV Storage: published the first version distributable Unshade accordion

    Released the first version of the distributable of CSV Storage (v.1.2.3).

    The CSV Storage is the component of the Suite CSV which enables the storage of documents in PDF with CSV or ENI format. These documents are accompanied by the meta information necessary for its management and storage.

    En la sección de descargas de la Suite Inside, podrán descargar el paquete distribuible, así como un manual para su instalación.

    20 September 2018

    La AEAT es el primer organismo AGE que ha comenzado a enviar, de forma automatizada, expedientes administrativos a Justicia a través de InSide Unshade accordion

    The State Agency for tax administration is the first agency of the AGE that it has integrated its management systems of files with the tool InSide for the exchange of administrative files. for this, has been used the functionality provided by InSide, which allows the sending of administrative electronic records from public administration towards the administration of justice using the protocol of Reference in the cloud. This allows the automatic directly from the systems of the courts AEAT through InSide, transparently for users. Furthermore, the system of exchange used allows the transfer of files not only to Judicial Bodies but also to any public administration integrated with InSide.

    This milestone represents a major step in the digital transformation of public administrations, reducing costs of management of files, as well as, streamlining periods of remission.

    03 August 2018

    InSide: El Ayuntamiento de Gijón envía sus primeros expedientes electrónicos a Justicia Unshade accordion

    El Ayuntamiento de Gijón, en colaboración con el Principado de Asturias, y a través de la plataforma Inside de la Secretaría General de Administración Digital, ha conseguido enviar expedientes en formato electrónico a la Administración de Justicia.

    For this, has been used the functionality provided by InSide, which allows the sending of administrative electronic records from public administration towards the administration of justice.

    In addition to the electronic transmission of the file and its receipt by the court of Gijón Contencioso-Administrativo have enabled this file to be loaded automatically in Minerva, application used for the management of electronic court files.

    Este hito supone un gran avance en la transformación digital de las Administraciones Públicas, reduciendo costes de gestión de los expedientes, así como, agilizando los plazos de remisión.

    31 July 2018

    CSV Storage: Nuevo sistema de permisos según la especificación del sistema de referencias a documentos de las administraciones públicas. Unshade accordion

    Available in a new production version CSV Storage . In this version has been included a new system of permits, depending on the system of exchange of documents of administrations, as well as various improvements.

    The new features of the new version are:

    • Corrected the problem of the burden of DIR3.
    • Se adapta el sistema de permisos al sistema de referencias a documentos en las administraciones públicas.
      • In The High of applications (and interface AdminService) created two new mandatory fields: IdAplicacionPublico and DIR3.
      • Nuevo Servicio Web que devuelve IdAplicacionPublico y nombre de todas las aplicaciones.
      • New user permissions for documents:
      1. Público: Basta con tener el CSV o ID ENI para acceder al documento.
      2. Private: Can only get document the application that stored it.
      3. Restricted:
        1. Access with identifier: It is necessary that the user has been identified with any of the types admitted.
        2. Restricted by NIF: document restricted to users through its NIF.
        3. Restricted to public employees: document restricted to public employees.
        4. Specific applications: document restricted to some specific applications, through its ID of application. These applications should be integrated with the repository in question.
    • New Web Service 'otorgarPermisoConsulta' to other applications den permits to others.
    • Nuevo Servicio Web 'revocarPermisoConsulta' para que una aplicación se quite permisos de consulta.
    • New Web service that returns the permissions on a document.
    • Traceability: it adds the optional field IP in QueryDocumentSecurity.
    • Other improvements and fixes minors.

    For more information on the system of references to documents of public administrations, consult the following link:

    https: / / / communities / verPestanaDocumentacion.htm? idComunidad = 141 # .W1hSSNIzbcs

    02 July 2018

    Identification of users through Authenticates Unshade accordion

    Se ha desplegado la nueva versión de InSide (versión que incluye una serie de nuevas funcionalidades y correcciones. Las novedades más relevantes son las siguientes:

    • Identificación mediante Autentica. En esta primera fase, se ha activado la identificación de los usuarios con Autentica. Las altas de nuevos usuarios así como la gestión de los roles se seguirán realizando en Inside. Si un usuario desea entrar por Autentica, deberá seleccionar el botón "Autentica". En este punto podrán darse los siguientes escenarios:

    1. Users discharged Authenticates.

    a. User registered at Inside . Si el usuario ya está dado de alta en Inside, se mostrará la pantalla de inicio de Inside con su unidad orgánica asociada.

    b. User does not discharged in Inside . Si el usuario no está dado de alta en Inside, se mostrará la pantalla de inicio de GInside (modo invitado).

    2. User does not discharged into Authenticates . You will see a screen, with a link to the form of high in Authenticates. Once the user requests the high and receive the confirmation of Authentic, as will be accessible through this new button can reproduce the scenarios 1.1 and 1.2 of the previous paragraph.

    • Se soluciona visualización de documentos grandes. Se muestra un enlace de descarga si supera los 2MB.
    • It solves a problem in the web service convertirDocumentoAEni . Si se firma con CSV es obligatorio el campo regulación, evitando la generación de documentos ENI no válidos.
    • Update of bookshops in Spring.
    • Includes possibility to send the shipper with parameters pieces.
    • Includes paging files stored.
    • Other improvements and fixes minors.
    02 July 2018

    Broker / CSV CSV Storage: Published Java client libraries to simplify the integrations Unshade accordion

    Disponible para su descarga desde el apartado de "Documentación para integradores", una serie de librerías cliente, con el objeto de facilitar a todas las aplicaciones desarrolladas en Java, su integración con CSV Broker y CSV Storage.

    In particular, can be downloaded the following libraries:

    1. Java Client for consumers and its Storage CSV manual jobs.
    2. Java Client for consumers and Broker CSV manual jobs.
    3. Java Client for CSV producers and their Broker manual jobs.

    The download is available on the tab “ Download Area ”, “ documentation for integrators ” and “ (Integration CSV Storage ” and “ CSV Integration Broker ”.

    22 May 2018

    The new version published v.2.0.8 distributable Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado en el Portal de la Administración Electrónica, la nueva versión del distribuible de Inside (v.2.0.8). Para descargar el código fuente de la aplicación, se debe acceder al apartado de descargas de la solución Inside.

    The most significant changes included are:

    • Se incluye validación esquema ENI sin necesidad de conexión con Eeutils (sí necesario para firmas y comprobar firmas).
    • Modification to avoid click several times a button downloads.
    • Correction validation ENIs outside Inside.
    • When generating files versioned login credentials.
    • Possibility of signing of pdf documents with cades detached.
    • Corrected combo to attach document Inside.
    • Corrected problem additional metadata in document.
    • Activities is corrected by certificate.
    • Be solved error attaching paper to file.
    • Adds to create files and documents the DIR3 extinguished.
    • Button is enabled new document from files.
    • Se impide, en el índice al crear o editar expedientes, crear carpetas o documentos dentro de un documento.
    • Block, in the index to create or edit files, the buttons on top bar while enclosure Inside.
    • Because it uses the natural name in the index is modifies the additional metadata, both of files and documents, not to allow more than one value. This avoids that appear different values in the index whenever you edit a File.
    • Se modifica mensaje de error al guardar expediente indicando que debe comprobar si hay carpetas vacías.
    • Se deshabilita botones superiores al crear carpetas en el índice de los expedientes.
    • Adds the name natural to Contents of the file electronically.
    • Redirection to login when the meeting has expired.
    • Cambio en el tamaño permitido del campo valor de metadatos adicionales.
    • Opción firma longeva de expedientes y documentos, en firma en cliente, en servidor y en documentos anteriormente firmados.
    • Indicator the user that the task is in progress.
    • Adds operation in management service that allows the update of dir3 from a date to today.
    • Includes class nif validation, casino and nie.
    • Is included in the document metadata TipoDocumental value TD99- Others.
    25 April 2018

    Validation of the natural name in sending files to judicial bodies Unshade accordion

    It has deployed the new version of InSide ( version) which includes a number of new features and correction. The most significant changes are as follows:

    • Correction in the service of notifications of the shipper of justice.
    • Consulta de envíos al Cargador de Justicia para expedientes enviados y eliminados de Inside.
    • Se establece como obligatorio el metadato adicional "nombre natural" para los envíos al Cargador de Justicia. Para ello, en la aplicación web, se añade una validación del nombre natural en los documentos del expediente, previo al envío al Cargador.
    • Generation of login credentials for consultation documents. The generation of credentials of access to documents is only available for documents stored in Inside through the web application.
    • Corrects the viewfinder so that interprets the documents xsig both in the section of documents as in the viewer of the index of the file.
    • Be solved the problem detected the perform certain signatures xsig filesystem.
    • Se corrige el error en el botón "Documento pdf" desde la pantalla de edición de documento, permitiendo descargar cualquier fichero de cualquier documento ENI.
    • Other improvements and fixes minors.
    19 April 2018

    Official validator ENI in the General access point Unshade accordion

    To promote the implementation of the electronic documents and files in formed ENI (national Schema Interoperability) has published an official Validator in the General access point ( https: / / / pagSedeFront / services / validarENI.htm ).

    The validator allows, given a document or a file, verify whether meets the minimum requirements of content and format that require technical standards for interoperability document and file, respectively.

    This validator, accessible from the Internet, allows any administration that is in a phase of adaptation to check that the ENI results complied with the rules and are compatible with common services developed by the General Secretariat of administration Digital, thus providing an area for public administrations and companies.

    22 March 2018

    Reference with additional metadata to judicial bodies Unshade accordion

    It has deployed the new version of InSide ( version) which includes a number of new features and correction. The most significant changes are as follows:

    • Integration with the new library for shipments the shipper of justice. This new library provides among other improvements, the possibility of sending files with additional metadata.
    • Adds page in the list of documents stored.
    • Corrects the bug detected by generating Indexes with accents.
    • It optimises access to files, avoiding possible timeouts.
    • It allows the sending of files that contain files in .jpeg to Justice.
    • Other minor improvements and fixes
    19 February 2018

    Validación del formato de los documentos en el envío a MJU y otras mejoras Unshade accordion

    It has deployed the new version of InSide ( version) which includes a number of new features and correction. The most significant changes are as follows:

    • Al realizar un envío al Cargador de Justicia, se validan los formatos de los documentos que componen el expediente y se avisa al usuario si alguno de los formatos no está soportado por el Cargador.
    • Modifies column in the list of files stored showing state of the latest version referred to the Shipper. Is forwarded to Justice when sending a version of the file has been correct.
    • Se mantiene histórico de envíos al Cargador de Justicia, aunque se borre el expediente.
    • Corrected problem viewing documents with Internet Explorer.
    • Is included in the document metadata TipoDocumental value TD99 - Others.
    • Improvements in validations of data: includes NIF validation, CASINO and NIE.
    • Bugfixing in operations: desvincularDocumentosEnExpediente and vincularDocumentosEnExpediente.
    • Other fixes and improvements.
    18 January 2018

    New functionality for generating signatures longevity Unshade accordion

    It has deployed the new version of InSide ( version) which includes a number of new features and correction. The most significant changes are as follows:

    • Se añade la opción de realizar firmas longevas. Las firmas longevas permiten validar la integridad y autenticidad de lo documentos a lo largo de los años, es decir, posibilitan que la verificación de la firma perdure en el tiempo. Se ha añadido esta opción de generar firmas longevas en expedientes y documentos, tanto para firma en cliente, como en servidor y así como para documentos previamente firmados.
    • Se genera un justificante de recepción de solicitud de credenciales de acceso a un expediente. Se ha añadido un parámetro opcional en la respuesta de la operación solicitarAccesoExpediente that returns a PDF, proof of the application of access.
    • Other fixes and improvements of security.
    20 December 2017

    Published aid kit ENI files to sign Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado un kit de ayuda para firmar expedientes ENI, de manera que sea compatible con Inside. Utilizando este kit, se firmarán los índices de los expedientes, aplicando un algoritmo de canonicalización, e insertando la firma generada en un nodo XML, según las especificaciones del ENI.

    This approach will check the validity of the file ENI signed, through the functionality provided by Inside.

    Aid kit contains:

    • The application for signatures.
    • An example file.
    • A guide to how to use the kit step by step.
    10 November 2017

    New version v. of INSIDE Unshade accordion

    Has been deployed in production the new version of INSIDE, which includes the following features and improvements:

    • Vouchers generation access by reference in the cloud.
    • Generation of login credentials to a specific version of the file.
    • It supports the type of fimar CAdES Detached in PDF.
    • Can you search for additional metadata stored documents.
    • Correction of problems of access and signing with Self-signature.
    • Support for codes DIR3 extinguished.
    • Improvements in error messages and other minor corrections.
    14 August 2017

    New version of the protocol Reference in the cloud Unshade accordion

    It published a new protocol version of Reference in the cloud which includes improvements as the possibility of including a motivation in applications and referrals of files as well as expiration dates in which the files are accessible.

    All improvements including maintains backwards compatibility with previous versions, being these optional.

    Para más información consultar el documento RemisiónNube-v1.11 en la sección de Downloads .

    20 June 2017

    New version v.2.0.7 of INSIDE Unshade accordion

    20 June has been published a new version of the package distributable application INSIDE. The most significant changes which includes would be:

    - Version 1.5 miniapplet.
    - Import zipped file.
        - Corrección de visualización de documentos con visor en navegador Explorer.
    - Downloading ZIP to include the folders / subfolders of the file with the content of each document (only the content).
    - New operation in sw Inside getPdfExpediente.
    - Accept format documents html.

    Furthermore includes other correction or developments:

    - Allocation of user role for each organic unity.
        - Traducir los tipos mime a nombre formato en el XML (PDF, DOC en lugar de msword, etc).   
    - Show filename extensions permitted in shipment to justice.
    - Forcing formatting signature by extension file.
    - New fields to generate login credentials.
    - New fields in the audit the use of credentials access.
        - Se elimina pedir campo identificador documento de origen cuando el Estado es Otros.
    - Are controlled additional metadata from web service.
    - Are permitted unsigned with status "Other".
    - Bug fixes to move and name in Index.
    - Correction in use of token by user does not discharged in Inside.
    - Correct translation nombreFormato of JPG to JPEG.
    - Reordering of fields of the record.
    - Switching to version jdk1.7.
    - Are accepted with signature files in firmaBase64 node.
    - Corrected with ENI generation Indexed Files.
        - Se añade operación en servicio web de administración: Alta procedimiento.
    - Is updated type signature to TF03 XAdES Enveloped.
    - Correction in administration of users: Update users with procedure.
    - Correction in administration of users: Low users for organic unity.
        - Corrección envío a cargador de justicia: eliminar los formatos que justicia no acepta.
    - Visualization of file for token allows you to download complete physical file.

    Para más información acceder a la página de la solución INSIDE:

    09 March 2017

    The number of referrals to justice through Inside increases a 275% in the last month Unshade accordion

    Desde la entrada en vigor el 1 de Enero de la obligación de remisión electrónica de expedientes administrativos a los órganos judiciales se ha disparado el número de remisiones a través de INSIDE.
    En el mes de Febrero el número de envíos respecto a Enero ha aumentado en un 275% y en Marzo se preveé un aumento aún mayor ya que en los diez primeros días de Marzo ya se ha alcanzado el mismo número de envíos que en todo el mes de Enero.

    The number of agencies attached to INSIDE has also suffered a significant increase in the last month, currently remains at 543 both the General administration of the state as autonomous communities, Local Entities and other agencies.

    For more information:

    02 January 2017

    Artículo sobre INSIDE en el nº14 de la revista Justicia Digital Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado recientemente un artículo sobre la herramienta Inside en la revista Justicia Digital.

    The reason for the article is the entry into force on 1 January 2017, the inevitability of the referral of administrative files in electronic format to judicial bodies.

    This reference must comply with the regulations regarding the format of the files in the national Schema Interoperability (ENI), as well as compliance with all the guarantees of electronic signature.

    INSIDE allows, on the one hand, the formation of such electronic records, and on the other, the transfer of these files to the judicial bodies competence of the justice ministry, National Audience and Higher courts.

    INSIDE also allows the exchange of files sent with the bar of the State or any other public administration.

    Desde la entrada en producción de la nueva funcionalidad de remisión de expedientes el pasado Mayo, se han remitido más de 180 expedientes y más de 6000 documentos electrónicos bien formados.

    You can consult the article here: / documents / 20181 / 185646 / Magazine Justice Digital + + + n% C2% BA14.pdf / 93bc3065-0f48-4ef8-88ee-a8194bee6c08

    02 January 2017

    Agency board administrator profile in INSIDE Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado una nueva versión de la aplicación INSIDE que contiene algunas funcionalidades nuevas que ayudan a la gestión de usuarios de forma delegada y dando soporte a nuevos casos de uso en cuanto a la gestión de varios organismos por parte de un mismo usuario.

    • Profiles: Manager, Consultation, Remisor MJU, administrator agency
    • Posibilidad de elección de organismo en el que se desea actuar en caso de estar un usuario dado de alta en varios

    For more information, please consult the user Manual for Inside published in the Area tab Downloads.

    01 September 2016

    Posted the new version of Inside v.2.0.6 distributable Unshade accordion

    It has released a new version distributable application Inside. Includes numerous changes, improvements and fixes in addition to having acquired web interface to be used as end-user application.

    25 March 2013

    Available Distributable InSide sources Unshade accordion

    Already the sources in the forge CTT of project InSide, distributed under license EUPL. Being made of documents, and will be available in breve. http:// forge / web / inside? language = 004 = true

    21 January 2013

    New Web services of G-Inside (1.2) Unshade accordion

    Se han actualizado los servicios Web de G-Inside, que permiten una nueva serie de operaciones. Se han intentado dar cabida a necesidades múltiples de diversos organismos con los que se ha mantenido contacto. En próximos días el cliente de Formularios de g-Inside estará disponible incorporando estas nuevas funciones.

    The specification of comprehensive services is available in the Downloads section of InSide.


    • Adds information on the functionality of conversion of documents and files.
    • Se añaden las funcionalidades de validación de documentos y expedientes ENI.
    • Adds the functionality of display ENI documents.
    • Add as operations of Electronic Document validation of documents ENI and visualization.
    • Se añade como operación de Expediente Electrónico la validación de expedientes ENI.
    • Add as WS operations convertirExpedienteAEniConMAdicionales operations, convertirDocumentoAEniConMAdicionales, validarDocumentoEniFile, validarExpedienteEniFile and visualizarDocumentoEni.
    • Incorporates new types and associated schemes.
    • Se añade, en la documentación, el Anexo II, con ejemplos de petición y respuestas SOAP para los métodos del Web Service.
    29 2012 November

    G-InSiDe permite generar documentos y expedientes electrónicos a través de Red SARA Unshade accordion

    The service G-InSiDe (Generator InSiDe), available for the AA.PP. through SARA network in the url https: / / allows the generation of electronic documents and electronic records in accordance with National schema interoperability , mediante un formulario que permite consignar los metadatos mínimos obligatorios; como resultado se obtienen los ficheros XML de documento electrónico y expediente electrónico.

    07 November 2012

    Web Services G-Inside Unshade accordion

    Se ha dispuesto en la zona de descargas la documentación de los Servicios Web de G-Inside.

    Para acceder y consumir los mismos, deberán completar el formulario de Petición de Acceso a los Servicios Web, que se encuentra igualmente en la zona de descargas.

    06 November 2012

    Available in G-INSIDE SARA NETWORK Unshade accordion

    It has made available to any user on the network Sara the possibility to test the generator of InSide, through the completion of the forms with minimum mandatory metadata and to download the result in XML ENI.

    Se requiere del uso de certificado digital para acceso al sistema, por motivos de auditoría.

    https: / /


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