E-Document System and Infrastructure (InSide)

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    InSide is an e-file and document management system meeting the National Interoperability Framework requirements for obtaining and storing files and documents. It enables the fully digitised management of documents within living file management prior to final storage in durable and interoperable formats.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Network service for end-users , Network service integrable in customers applications , Installable product
    Type of Solution:
    Open source application
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    Organic area :
    Technical area:
    Management of services and systems , Support for the processing mail , Horizontal services for the AA.PP , Websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen
    Functional area:
    Government and public sector
    EUPL (European Public License)
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    JAVA , Web Services
    Operating system:
    Linux , Windows


    InSide is a system for managing electronic documents and files meeting the requirements so that both can be stored and/or retrieved according to the National Interoperability Framework. It involves the fully electronic document management of the live handling of the file as a prior step to the final archiving of the documents in an interoperable way and durable format.

    InSide is provided in two different ways for the use of any administration:


    InSide allows to store and edit documents and electronic files in any document management system that supports the CMIS standard and the mandatory metadata associated. It allows the association of documents to files and the management of the index (using folders and links to files).

    It also enables the validation and display of documents and files for use in paper, and the management of each managed file firms.

    G-Inside (Inside Generator)

    G-Inside is a set of web services in the SARA cloud in order to validate and generate documents and files based on NIF and generate PDF documents to display the electronic documents and files. G-Inside does not store, it can only be used as a means of conversion to electronic documents and files for storage on another system. It allows the use of services for syntactic validation of documents and electronic files.