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  • Functional description

    The Portafirmas is a tool to generate enough signature and sign electronically documents, using the signatory's digital certificate.

    Portafirmas functionality

    • Access to the application according to different profiles:
      • Access. Only gives access to the application.
      • Editor. Allows you to compose requests.
      • Signature, that allows to sign petitions.
      • The administrator of headquarters. Access to the options for managing usaurios from headquarters.
      • The administrator. Role of the administrator full implementation.
    • Management of petitions in different trays according to the state of the same.
    • Definition of labels to organize the requests for signature within the trays.
    • Search on petitions.
    • Predefined filters.
    • Drafting of flows of signature.
    • Signature of documents.
    • Download the signing of the document and reports of signature verification Code (CSV).
    • Generation of templates of requests for signature.
    • Possibility of inviting Portafirmas users.

    User Manual (Opens in new window)

    Portafirmas Web services

    Además se pone a disposición de los usuarios que deseen intergrar sus aplicaciones con el Portafirmas, una serie de Servicios Web para el envío automático de peticiones.

    Guide Portafirmas Web Services (Opens in new window)


    Technical Description

    The requirements for the operation of Portafirmas are as follows:

    • Database: Oracle 10G or higher.
    • Java Virtual Machine JDK 1.5.0 or higher.
    • Applications server: Apache Tomcat.
    • @Firma Miniapplet/Self-Signature.
    • Access to databases Hibernate-JPA.
    • Model: Spring-MVC View Controller
    • Implementation: Thymeleaf


    Portafirmas is released under a licence EUPL _ 1.1


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