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General access point (

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    Average of visits per year: more than 7 million.

    Average of page views per year: more than 18 million.

    Functional description

    The General access point (P) is a web portal designed according to the current criteria regarding accesbilidad website also incorporates an adaptive design or responsive (responsive).

    Moreover is served, in Spanish, in all languages cooficial as well as English. All of them through the use of automated translation tools (SILVER project).

    Technical Description

    As consumer General access point (P) interacciona con diversos proveedores de información como son: el Sistema de Información Administrativa (SIA), el Directorio Común (DIR) o las Bases de Datos de Empleo Público y de Becas, Ayudas y subvenciones. Toda la comunicación y sincronización entre estos sistemas y el PAG se realiza mediante servicios web.

    In addition to the above the PAG also undertakes consultations in real time to a search engine's own Legislation D.G. Public governance.