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Warehouse management of consumables

  • Indicators:
    • Applications per year (staff) some 1,600
    • Invoices per year: 50 per year
    • Delivery notes: About 8 per invoice/month approx. 328 per year
    • Users of the application: Applicants: 60-80; Managers of Warehouse: 6

    Functional description

    Application for managing consumable warehouse of the ministry of justice, managed by the S.G. recruitment and Services, in order to facilitate the work of staff in the maintenance and display information about vendors, contracts, articles, stock, orders to suppliers and applications of material by staff.

    Furthermore, the system will be integrated with the new database UNICA, from where it obtains information from employees of the ministry, the position and the unit to which it belongs. These data are extracted from Badaral. Also, contains contact information and location.

    Implications with other systems

    Esta es una aplicación que contienen todos los datos laborales del personal del ministerio, es una vista del RCP (Registro Central de Personal).

    The new application will be integrated with Badaral through the project Unic@, from which you can obtain the data of individuals and their situation, without duplicating information.

    This is a unified application, which in addition to the labour data staff, contains contact information, such as telephone, fax, email, etc. And the location, office, Edificio, etc.

    Articles: El almacén gestiona una cantidad determinada de artículos, estos, además de un detalle, contienen información relativa a su ubicación física dentro de almacén y a sus existencias. Las existencias son alteradas por eventos tales como el envío de material o la recepción de pedidos. Los pedidos de material, siempre están asociados a un proveedor a través de un contrato vigente.

    Suppliers: Los proveedores son los encargados de suministrar los artículos al almacén bajo pedido. Esto se hace a través de contratos

    Contracts: In the contracts, always uses a total without VAT, this applies in billing.
    Los precios pactados de los artículos no cambian durante la vigencia del contrato,


    1- Manage the warehouse
    The management of the warehouse, includes on the one hand, the maintenance of articles contained in the same, and on the other, the control of stocks. Articles are divided into categories and these in types. In addition, articles can have a location. In the case that has stocks in the warehouse, this is a compulsory information. Finally, there are also handle the information associated with stocks of each article, such as:

    • Stock (current amount)
    • Minimum amount
    • Maximum amount (optional)

    Manage RF-2: providers
    This requirement refers to the management of suppliers, your data and their contracts.

    In regards contracts, is managed information and type of invoices paid and all its delivery notes.

    El sistema llevara una contabilidad del total facturado y el disponible para cada contrato

    RF-3: Manage orders
    The application should allow the complete management of orders to suppliers, from order picking up to the reception of the same. Including intermediate steps as delivery to the supplier by email and registration of delivery notes.

    Además, se deben mantener siempre actualizadas las existencias en el almacén, y los consumos realizados sobre los contratos.

    Manage RF-4: applications of material
    The application should allow the management of applications of material by staff of the ministry, since the preparation of the application to the sending of material from the warehouse. Including intermediate steps as authorization of the application by a responsible for unity, review and acceptance of the request from the warehouse.

    Moreover, it should always keep stocks updated in the warehouse, and utilities made on contracts.

    RF-5: Reports and print
    All searches may be exported in different formats for printing.

    Moreover, the application will provide a set of reports that must be detail with users.

    Maintenance RF-6: data
    La otra funcionalidad que ofrecerá la aplicación, es el mantenimiento de los datos necesarios para gestión los artículos del inventario y otros aspectos de la aplicación.

    Los citados mantenimientos se basan en la gestión de los datos relacionados con: categorías y tipos de artículos.

    Technical Description

    Base products used for exploitation in the justice ministry are:

    • SGBD: ORACLE 11G
    • Application server: JBOSS 4.2.3
    • Web Server: Apache 2.2
    • LDAP: Microsoft Activate Directory (for authentication)

    The application is ready to be deployed in high availability (cluster JBOSS) but it is estimated that the deployment in a single instance is sufficient in hours of use and number of users.

    Other products used in the application:

    • For generating reports and documents used Jasper reports
    • For data collection of some tables teachers uses a unified database of the justice ministry (UNIC@), although the use of the same is optional in other ministries. It is also used Unic@ for the authorization of users access.
    • You access Sorolla to obtain data of information about the inventory and location of objects in real time

    It is used to development:

    • Frontal components: Struts2
    • Management of components: Spring
    • Persistence: PROJECT (including with JBoss since version 4)
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