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FACe - Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas de la AGE

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    FACE is the General point of Entry of invoices for the overall management of the state. it allows the transfer of invoices electronically to those agencies accept administrations receiving invoices electronically and who have previously registered in the system.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation
    Secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Network service insertable in customer applications
    Service in network to end user


    This support is limited to incidences on referral and consultation of invoices via FACe. In particular, there will be on the incidences Virtual tool or general consultations on electronic billing.

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    https :// (Opens in new window)


    There is a distribution list for users of FACe through which are broadcast notifications on:
    - new versions
    - changes in the platform
    - patches
    - problems relevant/bugs
    - New Stuff

    To this list , you can subscribe to users, both technical staff and managers of public administrations that are using FACe. to register you can use the following link (Opens in new window) .

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Electronic processing
    Functional Area:
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    Operating system:


    La plataforma FACE permite a proveedores la remisión de las facturas a aquellos órganos de la AGE y de otras AAPP adheridas que tienen la posibilidad de recibir facturas electrónicas. El sistema remite la factura electrónica al órgano destinatario, simplificando a los proveedores el envío de las mismas, al centralizar en un único punto todos los organismos de dichas AAPP y al unificar el formato de factura electrónica.

    Actualmente proporciona servicios de recepción a más de 8.000 administraciones públicas españolas.

    The system provides suppliers:

    • a web portal where they can submit their electronic invoices virtual format 3.2. (Opens in new window)
    • una interfaz de web services para el envío automático de las facturas desde sus sistemas de gestión económica.

    And public administrations:


    For the development of the platform have been used the findings of working group of the CPCSAE of Standardized architecture receiving invoices electronically at the AGE (Opens in new window) . In no event shall meet its findings strictly, have server as mere support for the development of the system.





        • NOTE: In the download area can find manuals, FAQs, Francisco documentation, etc.


    Project co-financed with funds FEDERA


    17 April 2019

    Enabled presentation of invoices EN16931 Unshade accordion

    In application of the Directive 2014/55/UE the European Parliament and of the board of 16 April 2014 on electronic invoicing in procurement, the system FACe enables invoicing EN16931 format (and UBL CII) to suppliers of goods and services of the Spanish public administrations.

    From April 18 through the usual channels, suppliers may refer their bills UBL and CII, like have hitherto done with invoices in Any format.

    Las facturas en formato EN16931 para poder ser presentadas a través de FACe deberán cumplir las reglas especificadas en el CIUS de FACe. Dicho CIUS se encuentra publicado en el Centro de Transferencia y Tecnología, en la siguiente url: https :// (Opens in new window)

    15 April 2019

    CIUS - FACe European format EN16931 Unshade accordion

    It is available in section "EN16931 - Directive 2014/55/HAT - European Bill" of the tab "Downloads Area" the CIUS (CORE INVOICE USAGE SPECIFICATION) for electronic invoices submitted through FACe in format EN16931 (UBL and CII).

    The European Directive 2014/55/HAT, which obliges the EE.MM. to accept electronic invoices EN16931 format from the next day 18 April 2019, empowers administrations to publish the use specifications of such invoices via the publication of documents CIUS.

    Since the Opposite team has been publishing the specification document CIUS-ES-FACE . This document directly applicable to electronic invoices in European format that are presented in Front to the General administration of the state and public administrations affixed to the system. This document of specifications can be used by third administrations to specify the conditions of use of their own points of invoice.

    Link to Download area (Opens in new window)

    23 January 2019

    FACe, management of assignment of credit in electronic invoices Unshade accordion

    FACe ha puesto en marcha los recursos necesarios para poder gestionar la cesión de crédito en las facturas electrónicas. La versión del formato facturae que soporta la cesión de crédito electrónica es Facturae 3.2.2, aunque FACe sigue admitiendo, además, las versiones 3.2 y 3.2.1 del formato.

    For public administrations can manage the assignment of credit it must be duly filled in (FactoryAssignmentData of the invoice. More information in . This new functionality allows the administration directly from FACe or from its accounting system obtain documentation associated with the assignment before the College of Notaries and that the supplier has indicated in the invoice.

    The assignment will be a separate process to download the invoice that public administration which is addressed the invoice will be processed. If the administration admits the assignment will provide access to the status of the invoices the assignee from the moment available on record validation of the notification of the assignment by the legal service, without leaving without access to the assignor, which does not oblige differentiate between credit transfers with consideration factoring with or without recourse.

    Si la administración no admite la cesión del crédito el cedente seguirá teniendo todos los derechos sobre la factura y el cesionario no podrá acceder a ella.

    Más información de integración y uso, en los manuales de usuario y de integración en el área de descargas de FACe.

    23 January 2019

    FACe adapts to accept European billing Unshade accordion

    The Directive 2014/55/HAT of 16 April 2014, concerning electronic billing in public procurement requires the definition of a common European standard for electronic invoicing semantic level, and products additional standardization that will improve interoperability in the level of syntax.

    This European directive involves adopting measures requiring contracting authorities and entities that are within the scope of the same can receive and process electronic invoices that comply with the European standard (EN16931) in the electronic invoice before the 18 April 2019.

    FACe, colaborando con otras administraciones y con el sector privado en el proyecto CEF EUROFACE, ha desarrollado la tecnología necesaria para admitir facturas europeas de formatos diferentes al formato Facturae. Los formatos de factura europea admitidos serán UBL 2.1 y CII (Cross Industry Invoice).

    Opposite users can validate and send their bills in European format as they have been doing so far in Any Electronic format can consult their state and evolution without restrictions. Furthermore, FACe will continue to provide the document CSV of proof of the reference.

    For the sake of the integration of administrations and suppliers, has been published in the environment of evidence, a new version of FACe that responds to this need. You can find more information in the download area of the project in the CTT.


    29 June 2018

    FACeB2B in production Unshade accordion

    It puts at the disposal of companies distribution platform of electronic invoice between companies FACeB2B.

    This system, reflected in the thirty-second additional provision of the law 9/2017, 8 November, of government contracts, allows subcontractors of contractors of public administrations sending invoices electronically. Giving the presentation of their bills of a registered seat. Which testifies to the date and time of the presentation of the same. Alternatively you can be used in relations B2B, not directly related to public procurement as a system that encourages the interconnection of various platforms deprived of existing electronic invoicing.

    The system is composed of a web portal of client management and of corporate billing services https :// , y por una serie de interfaces de servicios web para que los sistemas informáticos de las empresas de servicios de facturación o de los clientes puedan conectarse al sistema y enviar y recibir factura electrónica.

    Documentation of user and system technical documentation is available in the centre of transfer and technology in the url:

    01 March 2018

    Enters into force version 3.2.2. virtual format. Unshade accordion

    Last 25th February entered into force the resolution of 24 August 2017, the branch, which publishes the resolution of 25 July 2017, the secretariat of state for the information society and the Digital Agenda and the secretariats of state of finance and budgets and expenditures, which publishes a new version 3.2.2, the format of electronic invoice 'virtual'. BOE https :// .

    A partir de dicho día 25 de febrero puede presentar facturas a través de FACe en formato facturae versión 3.2.2. Versión que se añade a las versiones ya existentes y soportadas: 3.2 y 3.2.1 del formato facturae en el sistema FACe. La aceptación de la versión 3.2.2 por parte de FACe no implica actualmente la tramitación electrónica de las cesiones de crédito recogidas en la factura electrónica.

    More information in this version:

    30 January 2018 new certificates issued Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado en la sección de descargas en el área de FACe and SSL certificates the new SSL certificates and *

    Certificates are valid hasta 29/1/2021. Se incluyen 4 ficheros dentro del ZIP. Parte pública (.crt) de y * y cadena completa (.pem) de y *

    For download can access here (Opens in new window)

    21 November 2017

    FACe enables access proxies through the electronic Registration Hijacking Unshade accordion

    FACe has incorporated, through the system represents, a new functionality to agents or representatives can access information of invoices for their constituents. for this, should be discharged previously as proxy in electronic registration of Representatives ( (Opens in new window) ) enabling the seizure in administrative action with code SIA: 215844 the General Secretariat of Digital MINAHFP Administration.

    This new feature allows the representative consult invoices for their constituents and to apply on its behalf, if necessary, the cancellation of the invoice. The incorporation of the agent or representative to FACe extends the typology of actors who can have the management of electronic invoices under public administrations.

    From now on when the user accesses and once identified, available in the header of the web portal, a button to activate the consultation of representation. From that moment FACe will show you all the information of invoices for their constituents, besides his own. May act on these transparently.

    17 November 2017

    New version FACe Unshade accordion

    Has been deployed in the production environment a new version of the system FACe. Among the various improvements that includes this new version, include the following features for the user of the portal of vendors:

    - Possibility to enable a proxy for the consultation of state and request for cancellation of invoices via the electronic Registration Hijacking.

    - Creación de un área de usuario para la gestión de sus datos personales y personalización de las notificaciones/aviso del sistema.

    - Enabled in the management section of certificates of the supplier the triple authentication: @firma, Key, electronic certificate.

    17 November 2017

    3.2.2 Virtual available in the environment of evidence Unshade accordion

    For testing of integrators and users of FACe has been enabled the validation of version 3.2.2. format in the virtual environment FACe system tests.

    https ://

    En el entorno de producción estará disponible en la fecha de entrada en vigor de dicha versión del formato - 25 de febrero de 2018 -.

    30 Octobre 2017

    Published version 3.2.2. virtual format Unshade accordion

    La Administración General del Estado ha publicado recientemente en su portal virtual (Opens in new window) documentation for the new version 3.2.2. This version includes new fields compared to its predecessor, the version 3.2.1.

    Embedded fields are:

    • For the supporting documentation of assignments: FactoringAssignmentDocument, DocumentCharacter, RepresentationIdentity, DocumentType, Repository, RepositoryName, URL and Reference
    • For identification of the invoice rectified: InvoiceIssueDate
    • For the general description of the invoice: InvoiceDescription
    •     Para las nuevas etiquetas a nivel de factura:  ReceiverTransactionReference, FileReference y ReceiverContractReference
    • For payment in kind: PaymentInKind, PaymentInKindReason and PaymentInKindAmount

    There has also added the Kilowatt per hour (KWh) to the list of units of measurement and format HTML to the list of supported formats.

    14 August 2017

    FACe, el punto propio de entrada de facturas electrónicas de la Generalitat Valenciana Unshade accordion

    Las consellerías de la Generalitat Valenciana y los organismos autónomos SERVEF, INVASSAT e IVAT a través de la Dirección General de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones completan el proceso de migración de su antiguo sistema de punto de entrada de facturas electrónicas, proporcionado por un proveedor de servicios de facturación externo, al uso de FACE como su punto propio de recepción de facturas electrónicas.

    During last July have completed the work that have allowed the Valencian Generalitat implement processes to adjust their management systems Accounting direct communication with the general point of entry of electronic invoices – FACe, whose management and maintenance corresponds to the ministry of finance and Public function. These works will reduce maintenance costs and management of computer platforms of Generalitat and improving efficiency in the reception of their electronic invoices.

    Se unen dichas consellerías y organismos a otros organismos y entidades de la Generalitat Valenciana que ya venían usando FACe como su punto propio de presentación de facturas electrónicas.



    10 August 2017

    FACe amplía sus formas de identificación en la remisión y consulta de facturas Unshade accordion

    To give a better service in the referral and consultation of invoices FACe puts at the disposal of users three forms of identification: Cl@ve, electronic signature and electronic certificate.

    Con Cl@ve el usuario se podrá identificar a través de los sistemas proporcionados por Cl@ve: Cl@ve Pin, Cl@ve Permanente o certificado electrónico. Los dos primeros métodos están basados en la identificación por usuario y contraseña, lo que amplía y simplifica considerablemente las posibilidades de identificación de los usuarios en relación a su gestión de facturas con la Administración Pública.

    The electronic signature uses the services of the platform @firma, allowing the user to identify through Miniapplet and through the implementation Self-Signature, both @firma.

    These two existing methods adds a new method of identification of direct validation of electronic certificate, avoiding the user to install any component in your computer for validation of your certificate.

    In short, FACe facilitates the validation of an electronic certificate path Cl@ve, @firma or direct electronic certificate. Furthermore, in the query of invoices, without the need of identification, and from certain data of the invoice, may consult the status of this bill.

    FACe trabaja y evoluciona para dar la máxima cobertura a los ciudadanos en relación a su gestión de facturas electrónicas con la Administración Pública.

    03 July 2017

    Sectoral plugins for the public Sector Unshade accordion

    Has been adopted the procedure for submission and approval of sectoral plugins for the public Sector. In order to make the presentation following marked channels, has been published in the download area document that defines as should be the presentation and documentation to contribute.

    The document is available at the following link:

    https :// 20descargas/Procedure% 20aprobacion% 20extensiones% 20sectoriales% 20Facturae-AAPP.pdf? idIniciativa = 1527 = 9909

    22 June 2017

    Clarification on the system of immediate provision of information from the VAT (SII) Unshade accordion

    In the centre of transfer and Technology: , is available document with the responses of the State Agency for tax administration regard to consultations sent by the participating companies and associations in the forum of electronic invoice on the system of immediate provision of information from the VAT (SII).

    Direct access to the document: 20descargas/Necessary Dispute% 20SGAD% 20cuestionesSII.xlsx? idIniciativa = 1527 these =


    06 June 2017

    FACe implementa en sus métodos de identificación Cl@ve Pin y Cl@ve Permanente Unshade accordion

    To facilitate the transfer and consultation of invoices to those users who for some reason have no electronic certificate, FACe has implemented in their methods of identification Cl@ve Pin and Cl@ve Permanent. These methods are based on the identification through username and password, which considerably extends the possibilities of identification of users in relation to its management of invoices with the public administration.

    These new identification methods allow citizens to establish a relationship with the public administration at any time and from any device. There Is the possibility of obtaining the identification for single use only (Cl@ve Pin) or for a continued use (Permanent Cl@ve). And both methods of identification are present in FACe, both for the remission of invoices as for the consultation of invoices already presented.


    08 March 2017

    Nuevo servicio de notificación proactiva de cambios de estado de facturas para proveedores Unshade accordion

    FACe has developed a web service SOAP for proactive notification to suppliers of change of state of invoices.

    Due to the large number of calls made suppliers of FACe via web service to know if the state of their bills had changed, the Opposite team has developed a web service SOAP to communicate, proactively to suppliers, the change of state of their bills.

    Con esto se ha conseguido reducir el número de llamadas vía servicio web y que el proveedor pueda obtener un conocimiento proactivo de la evolución de sus facturas.

    FACe collects the evolution of the states of a supplier and gives you all the information in one call.

    You can find the necessary documentation for the connection of service in the Download Area (Opens in new window) the solution

    28 February 2017

    FACe, 2 years of electronic billing in public administrations Unshade accordion

    An example of a digital transformation of public administrations, with direct impact on the private sector.

    After two years of the obligation to check in electronically in the public Sector, are significant steps in the right direction and not less numerous are required to continue.

    The Law 25/2013, 27 December, momentum electronic billing and creation of the recording of invoice in the public Sector published a little more than 3 years, provided, under the umbrella of the control of late payment of public administrations and promotion of electronic invoices, the creation of two new concepts in public administrations. The first was the recording of invoices, created as an element of control and monitoring of invoices for the different administrations. The second was the general point of entry of invoices, created as a solution to complete the process of computerization of invoices in administrations.

    Durante estos dos años, bajo el paraguas de la Ley 25/2013 y la posibilidad de adherirse al uso del punto de entrada de factura de un tercero, la Administración General del Estado ha logrado reunir a la mayoría de las Administraciones Públicas en un único punto de entrada de facturas electrónicas, FACe . Con el ahorro económico que la compartición de un sistema de este tipo representa para las administraciones usuarias.

    The figures are remarkable results, more than 100,000 suppliers of goods and services on national and international have used FACe as the entry point for electronic presentation of their invoices. Have led these invoices over 8,000 Public Administrations affixed to FACe, including all the Autonomous Communities except Basque Country. Adding, in these 2 years period of obligation, a total of more than 14 million electronic invoices submitted through FACe.

    For more information on how it has launched and is managing the system can consult the technical note:

    20 February 2017

    New version of FACe in production Unshade accordion

    Please note that there has been the update in the production environment with a new version of FACe. This version contains several functional changes are detailed below. Portal

    • Toggles the flow forwarding invoices, we now only identify with KEY (requires no signature). only repository invoices requires signature.
    • It has changed the design in the display of invoices.
    • It has changed the way to consult invoices without certificate
    • Possibility to download and consult receipt with CSV the presentation of the bill.

    DirectorioSRCF WS interface

    • In the method "gestionUsuario" has added a new benchmark for the state of the user. This change can affect the integrations compiled for this method. We Recommend its revision.

    The new updates are available in the download area

    13 January 2017

    FACe, General Point of entry for Electronic Invoices of the AGE, receives 8 million invoices for 2016 Unshade accordion

    According to what is established by law 25/2013, 27 December, momentum electronic billing and creation of the recording in the public Sector, from 15 January 2015 all public administrations have an obligation to receive the invoices of its suppliers electronically.

    In addition to the General administration of the state that should use obligatorily FACe, many other public administrations of all the administrative areas (state, regional, local, university) have channelled receiving invoices via FACe.

    The model English that marks the law 25/2013 and which FACe exercised fulcrum, defines a model with few examples internationally comparable. Through a single entry point of invoices - a common window - suppliers of goods and services of more than 8,000 AA.PP. including large municipalities, 16 Autonomous Communities and the General administration of the state can submit invoice customers of the public Sector, with the same format and with the same encoding rules that allow the AA.PP. can interoperate in the work of management of their invoices. Which have a direct impact on an improvement in the relationship of suppliers with the public Sector.

    In this period, the entry point of Electronic Invoices (FACe) of the General administration of the state, presents the following data:

    • 10.195 unidades de las 16 CCAA adheridas, más las Ciudades Autónomas de Ceuta y Melilla.
    • EELL Department attached.
    • Integrated the different bodies of processing of ministries: 3,800 units.
    • 48 Universities.
    • 40 Public institutions.
    • 14,000,000 invoices electronically distributed.


    19 December 2016

    Published guide for IGAE RCF audits Unshade accordion

    Please note that has been published in the download area of the forum of Electronic Invoice the guide that has made the IGAE for audits of accounting records of Invoice under article 12 of the Act 25/2013.


    01 December 2016

    Change of the field in invoices amount Unshade accordion

    Please note that the format defined virtual different fields of amount within the invoice. For a better understanding of the information displayed on the system, from 1 January 2017 the value of the amount of the invoice electronic reference that FACe used to display it in the lists of invoices, in the section of detailed information and which is used for the query invoice without certificate, will happen if the field TotalInvoicesAmount to use the field TotalExecutableAmount .

    So that, from this day 1 January, the information that FACe displayed on the amount of invoices, will be on the field TotalExecutableAmount electronic billing. And invoices were or are submitted until 31 December 2016 including will be informed in the field amount field value TotalInvoicesAmount .

    08 November 2016

    New certificates Unshade accordion

    Please note that due to FACe this in the CPD of redsara and the certificate * this next to expire, are available the new certificates in the download area of the solution in the folder "FACe and SSL Certificates". This certificate will be available until 16/12/2016

    Recall that in production FACe used * and these do not change, but by themes of SNI it is possible that some technologies require the certificate by default it is *

    27 October 2016

    Manual available electronic signature FACe with Google Chrome Unshade accordion

    Please note that in the download area of FACe are available Explanatory Manual installation self-signature desktop application, belonging to the @firma suite for the electronic signature in FACe through the browser Google Chrome.

    10 August 2016

    New web services interfaces for Accounting Records of invoices Unshade accordion

    We remind you that the web services interfaces for Accounting Records Invoices gestionUnidades and gestionUnidades2 the will be removed 29 August . This should join the new interfaces directorioSRCF and directorioSRCF2 already available in environments of test and production.

    All the information about the new interfaces can be found in

    27 June 2016

    New classifications of certificates opposite Unshade accordion

    Informs that already allow new classifications in FACe in the surroundings of PROD.

    For now, these are the new classifications:

    7 – Public Employee with Alias
    8 – Qualified Signet (UE 910/2014)
    9 – authentication Qualified website (UE 910/2014)
    10 – Qualified time stamp of
    11 – individual representative to the legal person AAPP
    12 – individual representative to the entity AAPP without legal person

     Se permiten la 7, 8, 9 11 y 12 para firma SOAP y la 8,11 y 12 para firma de factura unicamente.

    In the https :// (Opens in new window) the solution FACe, in the folder of technical recommendations of integration with FACe is the document of integration updated with new classifications.

    26 May 2016

    Published dissemination portal FACe Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado el minisite de difusión de FACe, sobre factura electrónica, el Punto general de entrada de facturas electrónicas y el Foro de Factura Electrónica con una breve descripción de dichos conceptos. Igualmente se ha publicado una relación de enlaces de interés entre los que destacan las principales normas en materia de facturación electrónica.

    URL of minisite:

    09 May 2016

    Published new version 3.4 Client Virtual Unshade accordion

    El Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo a través de la web ha puesto a disposición de los proveedores de bienes y servicios de las AAPP la nueva versión 3.4 del cliente "Gestión de Facturación Electrónica". Esta nueva versión introduce entre otras mejoras la inte integration with version v2015 of web services of F ACe .

    Reminding you that today 9 will be final downward interfaces web services version of v2013 FACe. We recommend that if you use this client of generation of invoices in its relationship with FACe update version before submitting new invoices.

    Download version of 3.4:

    12 April 2016

    Important: Reminder 9 May Unshade accordion

    As reported last 23 October 2015 web interfaces services for the management of invoices for suppliers sspp, sspp2 and interfaces for srcf agencies, srcf2 version 2013, will be removed from the Front 9 May 2016 . Turning to be active Only versions 2015.

    Is obligatory migration to the new interfaces for suppliers facturasspp, facturasspp2 facturasrcf and agencies, facturasrcf2 before that date.

    All the information about the new interfaces can be found in

    Equally recalls that el campo codigoRCF de la API "confirmarDescargaFactura" pasara a ser obligatorio a partir de esa misma fecha. Debiéndose informar obligatoriamente dicho campo en la confirmación de la correcta recepción de la factura en el RCF destinatario.


    09 March 2016

    FACe in the prizes @asLAN 2016 Unshade accordion

    FACe ha sido seleccionado como finalista a los premios de la asociación @asLAN que se fallarán en breve. Al igual que en los premios CNIS, agradecer a todos los usuarios y clientes del sistema la colaboración en el proyecto, lo cual permite a FACe ser finalista de un nuevo premio.


    Indicar, que si se está interesado en votar al sistema FACe como mejor solución de "eGovernment - Tramitación" de entre las tres finalistas, se puede hacer a través de la web de @asLAN, siguiendo los siguientes pasos:


    • Una vez recibido la contraseña en nuestro buzón del correo electrónico, volver al enlace anterior e introducir el usuario y contraseña.
    • Logados con nuestro usuario en el portal de @asLAN, acceder a la url: o a través del menú "Iniciativas y Actividades -> Premios a casos AAPP".
    • Desplegar la sección inferior de "eGovernment - Tramitación"--> "FACe - Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas" y pinchar en la quinta estrella de valoración, la situada más a la derecha.

    Agradeceros una vez más todo vuestro apoyo y colaboración en este proyecto.



    09 March 2016

    Published bugfixes resolution 10 October 2014 Unshade accordion

    Today, 9 March, is published in the official State Boletión error correction of the resolution of 10 October 2014, the secretariat of state of public administrations and the secretariat of State budgets and expenditure, which sets the standard technical conditions of general point of entry of electro invoices.

    Esta corrección está centrada en la eliminación de tildes en los nombres de algunos métodos de los servicios web. En busca de la unificación de criterio de la definición de los métodos publicados.

    Link: _ boe/txt.php? id = BOE-A-2016-2372 (Opens in new window)

    04 March 2016

    FACe recibe el premio de "Mejor Estrategia de Servicios en la Nube - CNIS2016 Unshade accordion

    Yesterday day 3 March, the entry point of Electronic Invoices for the overall management of the state ( Front ) was recognized in the CNIS2016 as "Best Strategy of services in the cloud".

    With this award is put into value the work done by the direction of information technology and communications, under the Ministry of Finance and Public administrations.

    FACe es un sistema que ofrece a los proveedores un punto común de presentación de facturas electrónicas para todas las Administraciones Públicas, en el que se han tramitado ya 7 millones de facturas y al que se han adherido todas las CCAA, a excepción del País Vasco, y cerca de  8.000 entidades locales. Las Administraciones Públicas cuentan así con un servicio completo con el que gestionar las facturas electrónicas, lo que implica visualización, tramitación y notificación de cambio de estado a los proveedores.

    Un servicio, sin coste alguno, que ha generado servicios y negocios de alto valor añadido, gracias a la integración automática con sistemas de gestión financiera o la posibilidad de presentar facturas a través de la banca virtual. Las pymes y los emprendedores han desarrollado servicios gracias a una información de conexión disponible y a servicios web abiertos que han permitido un tratamiento automático de la factura.




    Todo es público y transparente y prueba de su éxito es el hecho de que, en la actualidad, la mayor parte de la facturación se está haciendo en formato electrónico, cuando hace poco más de un año su uso era sólo testimonial. 




    01 March 2016

    Available new version of FACe Unshade accordion

    Has been deployed in production a new version of FACe with the following features:

    • Nuevo buscador de unidades en a partir del NIF de la Administración Publica.
    • Opens the possibility of suppliers of goods and services may refer, via the web services of FACe, invoices addressed to the repository AAPP. Currently only allowed through the web portal.

    La información suministrada por FACe de los NIFs asociados al órgano gestor de la relación ha sido obtenida a partir de las facturas pagadas por las distintas AAPP recibidas a través de FACe. Es responsabilidad de la administración correspondiente el mantener activos y públicos los NIFs. Puede gestionar dichos NIFs tanto a través de interfaz de servicios web como a través del portal


    29 February 2016

    New web service interface Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado la nueva interfaz de servicios web de gestión de unidades que sustituye a la actual interfaz. Como en otras ocasiones ambas interfaces comviviran durante un periodo de 6 meses ( 29-8-2016 ), then the old interface will be operational.

    New interfaces of production:

    https :// wsdl

    https :// wsdl

    Old interface of production:

    https :// wsdl

    Además se aprovecha para recordar que las antiguas interfaces de servicios web de proveedores (presentación de facturas y consulta de estado) y de administraciones/organismos (descarga de facturas y actualización de estados) serán dadas de baja el próximo día 9-5-2016.




    18 February 2016

    Recommendations migration DIR3 units Unshade accordion

    As agreed at the last meeting of the forum of electronic invoice has been published in the download area of the forum of electronic invoice ( ) el documento que aclara el funcionamiento de FACe ante nuevas unidades DIR3 y la recomendación de usar unidades de tipo UGEP para evitar los problemas de extinción de unidades causados por cambios organizativos.

    02 February 2016

    Elimination interfaces old web services Unshade accordion

    Como se ha informado a través de la lista de distribución de FACe, puede darse de alta en el siguiente link The next day. 9 May dejarán de estar disponibles las interfaces de servicios web para la gestión de las facturas para proveedores sspp, sspp2 y las interfaces para organismos srcf, srcf2.

    Por tanto es obligatoria la migración a las nuevas interfaces para proveedores facturasspp, facturasspp2 y para organismos facturasrcf, facturasrcf2 antes de dicha fecha.

    11 December 2015

    The new version FACe Unshade accordion

    Is already available in production the new version of FACe 4.3.0. Among the improvements of the same, include:

    • New version of the agencies Portal https ://
    • New version of the signature mini-applet
    • Extension to 4000 characters of the field commentary used in the notification of change state, especially in the rejections of invoices.
    10 December 2015

    Released version 'Management Factura-e 3.3' Unshade accordion

    Is already available on the web page of Virtual (Opens in new window) la nueva versión de la aplicación de escritorio ‘Gestión de Facturación Electrónica 3.3’ que introduce los siguientes cambios y mejoras:

    •  Los importes de las líneas, a excepción del importe unitario, se redondearán a dos decimales.
    • The total cost of each line will be equal to the number of units per unit price rounded agree with the common method of rounding to two decimal places.
    • Los importes a nivel de factura, excepto los tipos impositivos o los porcentajes a aplicar no tendrán más de dos decimales.
    • Se numeran las líneas de pedido en el detalle de una factura.
    • Posibilidad de editar el Número de Factura cuando se encuentra en estado borrador.
    • Possibility to select various invoices to sign.

    Has been published in the 3 settings (Linux, Mac and Windows) and with the same license that the previous, i.e. the source code of the application is available for download and modification.

    Likewise, has been updated in the web page accounting validator invoices to the latest version provided by the AEAT which is also adapted to the command HAP/1650/2015.


    11 November 2015

    New reports available opposite Unshade accordion

    Les informamos que en la pestaña Indicadores de la solución FACe se acaba de publicar el Informe mensual de facturas electrónicas presentadas a las AAPP a través de FACe.

    Furthermore we remind you that in this tab may also find the report on the state of the accession AAPP to FACe as well as indicators graphics on the number of invoices submitted in front.

    21 September 2015

    La Administración ahorró 24 millones hasta julio con la factura electrónica Unshade accordion

    Las Administraciones Públicas tramitaron casi 5 millones de facturas electrónicas y ahorraron de esta manera 24 millones de euros en el primer semestre de 2015, según un informe de la empresa especializada en intercambio electrónico de documentos SERES.

    El estudio detalla que los proveedores ahorraron 14 millones de euros entre enero y el 15 de julio de este año gracias a la factura electrónica. El estudio también concreta que el 59 % de la facturación a las Administraciones Públicas se realizó a través del FACe (Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas de la Administración General del Estado), mientras que el porcentaje restante se hizo mediante los más de 1.500 puntos de entrada creados por las distintas administraciones.

    Similarly, beings explains that more than half of electronic invoices (53%) were aimed at local entities 37% target at the Autonomous Communities and the remaining 10% aimed at any agency of the General administration of the state

    14 September 2015

    Validaciones incluídas en el nuevo anexo II de la Orden HAP/492/2014 Unshade accordion

    Ante las dudas que pueden surgir respecto a la aplicación de las reglas de validación incluidas en el nuevo anexo II de la Orden HAP/492/2014, de 27 de marzo, introducido mediante la Orden HAP/1650/2015, de 31 de julio, se ha publicado en el portal de la Intervención General de la Administración del Estado un documento con la equivalencia entre los campos que figuran en el anexo de validaciones y las correspondiente etiquetas del formato Facturae "href =""> documento con la equivalencia entre los campos que figuran en el anexo de validaciones y las correspondiente etiquetas del formato Facturae , which can be accessed through links included in this paragraph .

    06 August 2015

    Posted Order HAP/1650/2015 Electronic Invoice Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado en el BOE la Orden HAP/1650/2015, de 31 de julio, por la que se modifican la Orden HAP/492/2014, de 27 de marzo, por la que se regulan los requisitos funcionales y técnicos del registro contable de facturas de las entidades del ámbito de aplicación de la Ley 25/2013, de 27 de diciembre, de impulso de la factura electrónica y creación del registro contable de facturas en el Sector Público, y la Orden HAP/1074/2014, de 24 de junio, por la que se regulan las condiciones técnicas y funcionales que debe reunir el Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas.

    Link: (Opens in new window)

    29 April 2015

    FACe, el punto de entrada de facturas para más de 20.000 unidades de todos los ámbitos administrativos recibe más de un millón de facturas. Unshade accordion

    Desde el pasado 15 de enero de 2015 todas las Administraciones Públicas tienen la obligación de recibir las facturas de sus proveedores por vía electrónica, de acuerdo con lo que establece la Ley de impulso de la factura electrónica y creación del registro contable.

    Además de la Administración General del Estado que debe usar obligatoriamente FACe, muchas otras administraciones Públicas de todos los ámbitos administrativos (estatal, regional, local, universidades) están encauzando la recepción de sus facturas a través de FACe.

    El modelo español que marca la ley 25/2013 y en el que FACe ejerce de punto de apoyo,  define un modelo con pocos ejemplos comparables a nivel internacional. A través de un único punto de entrada de facturas - una ventanilla común -, los proveedores de bienes y servicios de más de 6.000 AA.PP. entre ellas grandes municipios, Comunidades Autónomas y la Administración General del Estado pueden presentar las facturas a sus clientes del Sector Público, con un mismo formato y las mismas reglas de codificación que permiten que las AA.PP. puedan interoperar en su trabajo de facturación, lo cual repercute directamente en una mejora en la relación de los proveedores con el sector público.

    In this period, the entry point of Electronic Invoices (FACe) of the General administration of the state, presents the following data:

    • 3.066 unidades de las 16 CCAA adheridas, más las Ciudades Autónomas de Ceuta y Melilla.
    • 6521 EELL affixed, 5,802 of them already receiving electronic invoices.
    • Integrados los distintos puntos de tramitación de los Ministerios: 3.316 unidades pueden recibir facturas de los 868 organismos de la AGE adheridos a FACe.
    • 34 Universities in production
    • 20 Institutions in production
    • More than 1.2 million invoices processed

    Más información sobre FACe en el Centro de Transferencia de Tecnología (Opens in new window)

    29 April 2015

    FACe receives the prize TIC AGE 2015 in SOCINFO Unshade accordion

    The founding SOCINFO has granted today 29 April 2015, among others awarded the prize "TIC AGE 2015" to FACe - General Point of entry for Electronic Invoices for the overall management of the state.

    FACe es un proyecto de la Dirección de Técnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones del Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas y que se rige por la ley 25/2013 de impulso de la factura electrónica y la creación de los registros contables de facturas en el Sector Público.

    Provides a window of receiving invoices electronically to both the General administration itself the state as over 6,000 Public Administrations that have adhered to its use, including 16 of the 17 Spanish regions.

    More information from the project: (Opens in new window)

    Prizes information: (Opens in new window)

    23 February 2015

    Installation Manual FACe in JVM certificates Unshade accordion

    Has been included in the Downloads section of FACe, a manual for the installation and configuration of certificates of FACe, for those users who have problems with the download @firma applet for invoicing or authentication in the system.

    manual (Opens in new window)

    20 February 2015

    Available list of notifications FACe Unshade accordion

    Existe una lista de distribución para usuarios de FACe a través de la cual  se emiten notificaciones sobre:
    - new versions
    - changes in the platform
    - patches
    - problems relevant/bugs
    - New Stuff

    To this list , se pueden suscribir usuarios, tanto gestores como personal técnico de las Administraciones Públicas que estén utilizando FACe . Para incluir a nuevos destinatarios en la lista de distribución puede utilizar el siguiente link .

    12 February 2015

    Update redsara certificates and FACe Unshade accordion

    The day 14/2/2015 lapses the certificate of domain , se va a proceder a la actualización de dicho certificado today, Friday at 14:30H . It is recommended that the new certificates are included in warehouses of keys of clients that connect to FACe either through their web portals and via web services.

    Update certificates day 12/2/2015

    CA _ _ firmaprofesional.cer intermediate

    CA _ root _ firmaprofesional.cer

    wildcard _ redsara _ firmaprofesional.cer


    Likewise the next day 17 February , se procederá a la modificación de los certificados de FACe en producción debido al fin del soporte por parte de Microsoft de los certificados de Clase 2CA.

    Update certificates 17/2/2015

    path _ of _ certificate _ ssl _ face.p7b

    path _ of _ certificate _ wildcard _ face.p7b


    To obtain it please click here: 20descargas/Certificates% idIniciativa = 334 = 3766 (Opens in new window)

    05 February 2015

    Available new report situation of the different AAPP opposite Unshade accordion

    Available in the Area of downloads of FACe, a new status report of the different AAPP, including the previous reports of Local Entities Affiliated and Local Entities in production

    This report is published in format and its update Excell daily is

    28 January 2015

    New versions available documents of integration and SARCF Unshade accordion

    In the download area of the solution FACe was just publish new versions of documents of integration and recommendations and services for the project's SARCF FACe.

    Document of integration and recommendations tiene como objetivo informar sobre ciertos aspectos que se deben cumplir para una integración y uso correcto de FACe.Las novedades introducidas son las siguientes:

    • Se quita PUT de la comunicaciones admitidas por peticion de sistemas. No admitimos PUT
    • Increases to 8M the maximum size by POST

    Document of services SARF facilitates the work of integration for the automated management systems within the electronic billing platform FACe.

    In the new version of this document specifies that the attribute "supplier" in the response of downloading invoice is the DNI of the issuer.


    15 January 2015

    Starts the mandatory application of the law of electronic invoice Unshade accordion

    Public administrations and vendors have to handle since today, 15 January invoices electronically.

    More information (Opens in new window)

    10 December 2014

    Publicado en FACe documento con las recomendaciones sobre la integración con FACe Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado en el Área de Descargas de FACe un documento donde se recogen las recomendaciones técnicas para la integración con FACe

    21 October 2014

    Published resolution of 10 October 2014, the secretariat of state of Public Administrations and the secretariat of State budgets and expenditure, which sets the standard technical conditions of general point of entry of electronic invoices Unshade accordion

    It has published the resolution of 10 October 2014, the secretariat of state of Public Administrations and the secretariat of State budgets and expenditure, which sets the standard technical conditions of general point of entry of electronic invoices

    This resolution sets the standard technical conditions flow states of electronic invoices and web service interface that must collect general points of entry of electronic invoices of public administrations referred to in Article 2.2 of Law 25/2013, 27 December, momentum electronic billing and creation of the recording of invoices in the Séctor Public.

    BOE: https :// _ log/txt.php? id = BOE-A-2014-10660 (Opens in new window)



    30 June 2014

    Publicada resolución por la que se establecen las condiciones de uso de la plataforma FACe-Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas de la Administración General del Estado. Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado la Resolución de 25 de junio de 2014, de la Secretaría de Estado de Administraciones Públicas, por la que se establecen las condiciones de uso de la plataforma FACe-Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas de la Administración General del Estado.

    This resolution reflects the conditions of use of the platform FACe that public administrations referred to in Article 2.2 of Law 25/2013, 27 December, momentum electronic billing and creation of the recording of invoices in the public Sector, with the exception of the General administration of the state, and its agencies and departments dependent and linked, and entities managers and common services of Social security, must accept when adhere to the use of the platform General FACe-Punto Entry electronic invoices.

    Igualmente, los proveedores de bienes y servicios que, de acuerdo con lo dispuesto en los artículos 3 y 4 de la Ley 25/2013, de 27 de diciembre, presenten facturas electrónicas a través de la plataforma FACe deberán acatar las condiciones de esta resolución.

    BOE: (Opens in new window)

    25 June 2014

    Posted Order HAP/1074/2014, regulating the technical and functional conditions must collect the General point of entry of Electronic Invoices Unshade accordion

    Has been published in the Official Newsletter of the state the ministerial decree that regulates the conditions techniques and functional general points of entry of electronic invoices, this ministerial order has a basic character. Furthermore in an additional provision regulates the use of the general point of entry of electronic invoices for the overall management of the state - FACe (

    You can consult the standard in the following link: _ boe/txt.php? id = BOE-A-2014-6662

    13 June 2014

    Starts the information campaign on electronic invoicing Unshade accordion

    A partir del 15 de enero de 2015 , las empresas deberán facturar a la Administración General del Estado a través de una única plataforma digital: FACe. La sustitución de las facturas tradicionales por las electrónicas implica un ahorro en tiempo del 80% y de 3,48 euros por unidad. Las administraciones locales y autonómicas pueden adherirse gratuitamente al Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas.

    For more information: News CTT

    17 March 2014

    Field added WS interface of Accounting Records of invoices and updating FAQs Unshade accordion

    Has been added in the API invoices download by the recording of invoices the name of the files annexes. WS FACe-RCFs v1-2-1.pdf? idIniciativa = 334 = 1366 (access to private part of CTT)

    In addition it has proceeded to update the FAQs agencies with new clarifying information concerning the high of units and agencies. - FAQ 1-2.pdf Agencies? idIniciativa = 334 = 1591

    26 February 2014

    New functionality of self-management of certificates of suppliers Unshade accordion

    Has been made available from suppliers in the portal a new section "suppliers", where companies wishing to connect their billing systems with FACe through the interface of web services that FACe provides suppliers could manage the certificate with the signing secure communications of web services.

    More information in and in documents of: FACe - Portal of suppliers and FACe - FAQs portal of suppliers.

    21 February 2014

    Document updated web services for FACe-RCF agencies Unshade accordion

    Has been updated in the download area document of the expecificación WS FACe-RCF to collect an update of the massive high WSDL units (accounting offices, units tramitadoras, accounting records).

    It has changed the API for consulting errors to receive the mistakes so structure to be able to be treated automatically by the computer system of RCF.

    07 February 2014

    Document published correction Web Services Suppliers 1.2 Unshade accordion

    Has been uploaded a new version of the document that corrects a misprint on parameters Input/Output ConsultarFactura web service.

    14 January 2014

    Publicadas FAQs sobre Ley 25/2013 de impulso de la factura electrónica y creación del registro contable de facturas en el Sector Público Unshade accordion

    Has been published on the FAQs Law 25/2013 impetus electronic billing and creation of the recording of invoices in the public Sector. You can find them in the next url:

    28 December 2013

    Law of momentum electronic billing and creation of the recording of invoices in the public sector Unshade accordion

    Published the law of momentum electronic billing and creation of the recording of invoices in the public sector

    Dicha ley define los puntos generales de entrada de facturas electrónicas, definiendo el marco legal para FACe - Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas.

    13 November 2013

    New Specifications of Web Services v1.2 Unshade accordion

    Have been published in the download area new web services specifications of the platform FACe to suit the creation of accounting records of invoices. The new documentation is available in sections: agencies v1.2 and suppliers v1.2.

    The system currently in production and testing environment makes use of specifications 1.1. Be informed when the new specifications can be tested in the environment of test.

    La documentación de organismos esta restringida al personal de la Administración y requiere de login en el portal para su descarga.


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