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Cl@ve Identification

  • Short Name:
    Identification key
    Cl@ve identification is the common platform of the public Sector State Administrative for electronic identification and authentication through the use of concerted keys, open to its use by all public administrations.

    Para Cl@ve Firma ver enlace relacionado en el menú de la derecha.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Participating Agencies:
    Service in network to end user
    Network service insertable in customer applications


    Focus integrators and Developers (CAID):
    Ministry of Finance and Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital System

    Att Cl@ve System
    (C / mary of Molina, 50 9th Pesetas.
    - 28071 MADRID.

    Business hours of support:
    De lunes a jueves de 8:30 a 18:30 y viernes de 8:30 a 15:00.


    To communicate an incidence or support request fill the Web form of opening of applications for technical support in

    https: / / / help / consultation / KEY

    Distribution list:

    There is a list of distribution of Cl@ve,, for integrated agencies, which emit notifications on:
    - new versions
    - changes in the platform
    - patches
    - problems relevant / bugs
    - New Stuff

    To this list you can subscribe integrators and technical personnel of public administrations that have Cl@ve connected applications. To include new recipients in the distribution list you can use the following link .

    For more information about Cl@ve, register to the site of E-government and access the personalized content area.

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Security infrastructure and management of identities, horizontal services for the AA.PP, support to the processing electronics
    Functional Area:
    Government and public Sector, Personal Documents
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    JAVA, J2EE
    Operating system:


    Cl@ve is a system designed to simplify and unify electronic access of citizens to public services, allowing these can identify before the administration through concerted keys (user password), without having to remember different keys to access to the different services.

    Its operation is regulated by the following:

    Cl@ve complementa los actuales sistemas de acceso mediante DNI-e y certificado electrónico, y está diseñado para ofrecer en un futuro la posibilidad de realizar firma en la nube, con certificados personales custodiados en servidores remotos.

    It is a common platform for the identification, authentication and electronic signature, an interoperable system and horizontal avoids public administrations have to implement and manage their own and identification systems signature, and citizens have to use different methods of identification to interact electronically with the administration.

    Cl@ve enables applications of electronic administration can define the level of insurance in the quality of the authentication wishing to (QAA level), based on data that try and security classification of following the recommendations of the national security Scheme ( Royal Decree 3 / 2010, of January 8th, that regulates the national security Scheme in the area of E-government) . The citizen services user of electronic administration can then choose the mode of identification that you want to use among the available for the assurance level required by the application.

    Cl@ve contemplates the use of identification systems based on concerted keys (eg, systems of username and password) and electronic certificates (including the DNI-e).

    En lo que respecta a las claves concertadas, Cl@ve admite dos posibilidades de uso:

    • Occasional Cl@ve (Cl@ve PIN) key: single use received through a SMS. Is aimed at users who access sporadically to services.
    • Permanent Cl@ve password: invalid lasting over time, but not unlimited, aimed at regular users. Corresponds to the system of access via username and password, reinforced with keys of a single use by SMS. This system will also be which will allow access to the citizen to signature in the cloud.

    In order to use these keys and concerted signature services in the cloud, citizens must first register in the system, providing personal data necessary. This log can be done in a school or telematics.

    In the case of registration presencial, initially will operate as registrars the network of offices of the State Agency for tax administration and management bodies and common services of Social security, although the direction of information technology and communications may agree to expand the network of offices of registration with those public agencies that have territorial deployment and meet the necessary technical requirements established by the Resolution of 28 September the direction of information technology and communications, which sets the conditions to act as registry office Cl@ve system presencial .

    In this sense, the registration presencial in Cl@ve also in the network of information offices and attention to the Citizen government delegations.

    Additionally, Cl@ve is ready to incorporate into the future, as they are integrated into the system of cross-border recognition of electronic identities under European legislation, mechanisms for identification of other countries of the European Union.


    28 June 2018

    Availability of Cl@ve 2 in Stable Services Unshade accordion

    It is available in Stable Services Key node version 2 which allows the connection to eIDAS.

    2 Key requires a new integration because of eIDAS SAML messaging, which has been to adapt key, differs from the Stork SAML messaging of which was based Key 1.

    Key node 2 Stable Services is available in the url https: / / / Proxy2

    It is estimated that at the end of July is already available the production environment.


    The agencies wishing to register with Key 2 Stable Services to start tests should follow the following procedure:

    1.- Open incidence in https: / / / help / consultation / KEY and select "integration of applications"

    2.- Enclose form "Request access to Cl@ve2 Ident.pdf"

    A- if the entity is already discharged in Key 1 may include the same DIR3 and next NIF using until now, although the DIR3 of the entity has changed. This high will be faster.

    If the entity B- decides to change the DIR3 and / or NIF, high dilatarán is more because it is necessary to request registration also the rest of suppliers: AEAT, GISS and platform SIM of sending SMS.

    3.- Send form of data SMS "request for access to Key - data SMS.pdf".

    This step is only needed for high in new key or for entities that choose the option 2-B

    En Clave 2 se va a disponer de una aplicación de Administración que permitirá a las propias entidades autogestionar sus usuarios y sus certificados electrónicos. En esta aplicación de administración, el CAID dará de alta a la entidad como Proveedor de Servicio y al usuario como Administrador de la entidad.

    From that moment, the administrator can add to other users and certificates to be used to validate the signatures of the token SAML sent to the gateway Cl@ve2.

    The administration of Cl@ve Stable services is available at https: / / / WebPortal


    The kit of integration of Key 2 is available in the downloads section of PAe in:

    https: / / / ctt key / downloads /

    Recently been updated version of java by problems with maven units in the initial version 2.0.

    11 June 2018

    Availability of Integration Kit Cl@ve 2.0 Unshade accordion

    Have been published in the packages PAe integration Cl@ve 2.0 que permiten la conexión con el nodo eIDAS español para la identificación de ciudadanos de la Unión Europea.

    En los próximos días esta nueva versión se desplegará en la pasarela Cl@ve de Servicios Estables y estará disponible para que puedan realizar las pruebas de integración necesarias antes de pasar a producción.

    Due to the adaptation to the new scheme SAML introduced by the project eIDAS, the new version of Cl@ve introduce algunos cambios que requieren adaptación por parte de las aplicaciones.

    The gateway of Cl@ve 1.0 disponible actualmente va a seguir activa y dando servicio a las aplicaciones ya conectadas y no se prevé el cese del servicio a medio plazo.

    However, applications to make use of the European identification node through eIDAS should evolve to Cl@ve 2.0 and make use of the new bookstores published.

    The kit of integration of Cl@ve 2.0, available for Java 8, Java 7, PHP and .Net, includes the following elements:

    • Manual of integration
    • Bookstores
    • Service provider (SP) demonstration

    In the case of integration Java, in the package of integration of Java 8 attached is also a document and files of code that shows in detail the changes ahead to kit Cl@ve 1.0 for migrarlo to Cl@ve 2.0 and operating in this new environment.

    Can be used as a reference to understand how to adapt to Cl@ve 2.0 applications that were deployed to connect to Cl@ve 1.0 and which were based on the integration of this environment.

    Es importante mencionar que con la publicación del paquete de integración de Cl@ve 2.0 and discontinúa security support to the package Cl@ve 1.0. Por tanto, si decide adaptarse un desarrollo basado en el kit de Cl@ve 1.0 will be responsibility of agency libraries keep updated accordingly. The kit of Cl@ve 1.0 was based on Watch while Cl@ve 2.0 is based in Spring.

    The new integrations with Cl@ve should also be made with already Cl@ve 2.0.

    You can find the packages of integration and documentation at the download page Cl@ve the PAe.

    https: / / / ctt key / downloads /

    En los próximos días se anunciará el despliegue en Servicios Estables de la nueva versión y se darán detalles sobre el procedimiento a seguir para solicitar el alta en el nuevo entorno.

    30 April 2015

    FACe and CL@VE receive two prizes TIC AGE Unshade accordion

    The founding SOCINFO has granted today 29 April 2015, among others awarded the prize "TIC AGE 2015" to FACe - General Point of entry for Electronic Invoices for the overall management of the state and the platform CL@VE - electronic identity for public administrations.

    FACe is a project of the direction of Technologies of the information and communications from the finance ministry and public administrations that is governed by the law 25 / 2013 impetus electronic billing and the creation of accounting records of invoices in the Sector Público.presta window services receiving invoices electronically to both the General administration itself the state as over 6,000 Public Administrations that have adhered to its use, including 16 of the 17 Spanish regions.

    Cl@ve is the common platform of the public Sector Administrative State for the identification, authentication and e-signature through the use of concerted keys, open to its use by all public administrations. Cl@ve is a system designed to simplify and unify electronic access of citizens to public services, allowing these can identify before the administration through concerted keys (user password), without having to remember different keys to access to the different services.

    This is a collaborative project in which to its construction and provision of service are collaborating different actors:

    Dirección de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones como responsables del servicio y ofreciendo la pasarela intermediadora y portal informativo.
    The Social Security system offering cl@ve permanent.
    State agency offering the Tax Administration cl@ve system pin.
    Dirección General de la Policía para la futura provisión de la firma en la nube.

    The foundation SOCINFO (Opens in new window) has granted today 29 April 2015, the prizes "TIC AGE 2015" (Opens in new window) . Two of the recipients have been FACe - General Point of entry for Electronic Invoices for the overall management of the state and the platform CL@VE - Electronic identity for public administrations.

    More information about the Opposite solution
    More information about the CL@VE solution

    23 April 2015

    Cl@ve is awarded the prize for the best project CNIS security Unshade accordion

    La V convocatoria de los premios CNIS ha recibido 68 candidaturas de 44 administraciones. La delivery of the V Prizes CNIS delivery of the V Prizes CNIS (Opens in new window) was carried out in the second working day of National Congress of innovation and utilities - CNIS. Fifteen categories and two special prizes highlighted the work carried out throughout the year by the different administrations.

    Among the winners, as best consolidated security project, is the platform cl@ve. The act of reception of the prize went responsible for the different agencies involved.


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