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Cooperation between the different AAPP at the national level is carried out under the Sectoral Commission e-government and its various working groups:

The group of Digital Identity and electronic signature

Follow-up to and sharing of policy changes and technological developments on issues of identity and electronic signature, as well as the analysis of the problems and solutions available. Also makes proposals to the commission Sectoral E-government, for consideration and possible adoption, in the field of digital identity and electronic signature.

The group of Brokering Services Folder and Citizen.

Brokering exchanges of information and documents in the public sector. Prioritization of services for data exchange and documentos-e jurídico-organizativos. Models in exchanges of data, both intermediated securities should be integrated through nodes of interoperability, as a direct security Models, government and control systems and application of intermediados.Desarrollo model of citizens' Folder in different areas of activity: follow-up, transparency and access and use of data. Models jurídicos-organizativos of interoperability, prioritization of services.

Interoperability group

Provide rules and instruments that facilitate interoperability between public administrations and make the technological basis to ensure the interoperability of e-government in the area of Local Administration, Autonomous Governments and state levels.

The group of Integrated Telecommunications

Plans, coordinates and monitoring of actions undertaken in the area of telecommunications to the momentum, empowerment, consolidation and a guarantee of economic sustainability of the communications network of spanish public administrations within the meaning of article 155.3 of law 40/2015, of 1 october, as well as those for corporate networks of the autonomous communities.

The group of Observatory, indicators and performance measures

Conducts proceedings within the framework of the Observatory of E-government to through various publications and studies to know the overview of status and progress of E-government in Spain at all levels. Generates reports FALLS and IRIA and monitoring of the proceedings of the Observatory of Web Accessibility. It also establishes a timetable for publication of data, approved by all the autonomous communities, with the commitment of shipment/dump own data.

The group of The Security Council

Provides rules and instruments that facilitate the implementation of national security Scheme (NHIS) between public administrations; develops the line of action 2 of the EECS “ security of information systems of public administrations ”; coordinates and supports the working group; improved Digital Identity, comprehensive and coordinated the exchange of technical information of incidents and threats, among other functions.

The group of Reuse of applications and services and RISP

Encourages in the public Sector reuse at all levels through the reuse of applications and services, as envisaged in law 40/2015, of 1 october, and the reuse of information in the public sector and coordination with the portal datos.gob.

The group of Common Repositories

The establishment of common standards of action regarding the repositories so that the information contained in them is up to date and can be interoperable between them as well as with other information systems.

Group A Document, Record and Electronic Archiving

Establishes, coordinates, monitors and follows up the proceedings in the field of Electronic Document Management, including the document, Electronic file and File and provides guidelines and requirements for electronic document management and drives the use of electronic file Archive as end in the various AA PP among other functions.

Group of officials empowered and Electronic Register of Apoderamientos

Coordination with autonomous communities and Local Entities to ensure assistance to citizens in the use of electronic means, through authorized officials for assistance in the identification and electronic signature, submission of requests through the electronic register and obtain copies auténticas.definición of aspects relating to the registers of Approving Officers (RFH). Study of the process of incorporating the AAPP without registering RFH Approving Officers implemented by the SGAD. Study of the process of integrating the AAPP a RFH with RFH of SGAD.

The group of functional support to the implementation of laws 39 and 40/2015

Creates a collaborative workspace where raised all the challenges that public administrations are facing in the implementation of laws 39 and 40. Funnels issues that will exceed the scope of the rest of the technical working groups, to assess possible solutions or determine its transfer to other bodies and, finally, raises potential common criteria to ensure uniform implementation of Electronic Administration under the laws.

European group Identifier legislation - ELI

The Identifier implements european legislation in Spain, as a standard of identification and description of the legislative information published in official newspapers and in the databases of authorities

The group of Invoice

Work collaboratively between the REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS and the AGE for the improvement of billing for public administrations, placing special emphasis on the implementation of the invoice in the Public Sector.


Within the General state administration cooperation is realized through the Commission on Ict Strategy and Ministerial committees Digital Administration Where there are also different working groups on issues similar to those set out above.



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