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Communications to Tecnimap 2000

Learn: 24 hours Administration

José Manuel Ceperuelo Ciercoles
Computer management of Social security

Corporate governance records in the city of Gijón. Decentralization and virtual

Senén Casal, José Manuel Pazos, Fernando Álvarez García, Ignacio Díaz, Enrique Sierra
City of Gijón

Management tramitables objects

Alfredo Ramos Chaves, Jorge Gallego Puchol Provencio, Marcos Sánchez

Towards universal recognition of computer literacy: the MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HEALTHY 2010 project

José Ignacio Enciso Domiguez

Towards an integrated system of electronic financial transactions

Roger Valensi

INFO-GOVERN: A system of Digital Information

Rafael Ripoll Navarro

Implementation of the electronic signature in the administration of justice in Andalucia

Julio Úbeda Gea, Juan Gasch Illescas
Junta de andalucia

Implementation of the system of information to the citizen of the Chair seville city council.

Víctor García Garcia-Gallo, Juan Jorge Pages Lopez

Implementation is a multidimensional database labour statistics INSTITUTE (INEM) for the analysis and consultation on-line

Antonio Hernando Sánchez

Statistical information on the website of the MTAS: Tables of Labour Disputes and its publication in the “ BEL and

Ana María Enriquez Ruiz

Information on crime generated by the statistical programme for security of the ministry of Interior. Its dissemination through the internet

Juan-Luis Pérez Martín
Ministry of Interior

Public key infrastructures as a security guarantee for the electronic administration

Enrique Palomares master

Infrastructure for the information society in the region of Murcia

José María Salinas Leandro
Manuel Escudero
David Utrilla

Interconnection of networks of transmission of data management systems of self-employment and of the General state administration

Fernando Rodríguez Perez
Carlos López Antón
Immaculate Santamaría

The national Currency Factory and Bell - royal mint consultative certification for public administrations

Jesus Pita Andreu

The Intranet of the administration of the General state administration

Francisco López Crespo
José María Vinegar B.a.
Ministry of public administration.

The spanish administration towards e-Goverment

Manuel Caves Sedano

The contribution of the Ministerial Committee of Informatics of the ministry of labour and social affairs to the new framework for procurement of information and communications technology

Jesus J. Sáinz Román

The quality of information services in network: a study in Spain on the General state administration

Antonio Muñoz Cañavate - university of Extremadura
Celia Chain Navarro - Universidad de Murcia

The management and protection of personal information in support of casualty and emergency of Extremadura 112

Víctor García Vega