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New Informe-Memoria on corporate Social responsibility (AGE in 2012.

12 february 2014

Among other aspects include the 2.7 million savings for businesses by reducing burdens, introduction of electronic headquarters documentary, simplification and improvement in access to administrative information.

The ministry of finance and Public Administrations, through the secretariat of state of Public Administrations, has presented the new Informe-Memoria on Social responsibility of the General state administration (AGE), for 2012, which was designed in the working group of the technical commission for Social Responsibility, composed of the administration and trade union organizations, following the criteria of the state Corporate Social Responsibility (CERSE) and the existing international models. This path, it is companies that use of the IBEX and begin to do so by public authorities.
Three subparagraphs are parsed: Environment, human and Labour Policies and good governance.

In the area of good governance highlights the following:

  • Improved transparency and access to public information: Implementation of the platform ACCESS , allowing to build electronic headquarters, and conversion of general access point in the default portal of entry to the AGE, (Opens in new window) . The portal, in 2012, received 4,09 million visits.
  • To reduce administrative burdens, it is estimated that in 2012 savings for companies owing to the implementation of electronic headquarters has been 1.4 billion, and the resulting simplification documentary, more than 1.3 billion.

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