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New portal of sme internationalization of the european Union

04 august 2014

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The new portal The European Commission “ SME Internationalisation Portal ” is a one-stop shop where smes can access to public services. The aim is to help smes in the european Union to expand your business outside the union.

The european commission has recently launched the “ SME Internationalisation Portal ” to help smes established within the european union to expand your business outside the union.

The portal offers practical help for european companies who want to do business with third countries, and it is a one-stop shop where you can have access to public services of support for smes.

One of the services offered by the portal is a database of providers of public aid for local and international markets. The database is a free and open access and includes over 300 suppliers and some 1,200.

In a globalized world, smes in the european union have to be able to cope with increasing competition from developed and emerging economies and capitalize on market opportunities that these countries provide.

The portal offers a one-stop shop for european companies seeking public support services to help them to travel abroad.

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