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74 Per cent of the spanish you like to have Internet access to their medical records.

21 january 2013

According to the III Estudio Bupa-Sanitas Health Click that reflected trends in health care of over 14,000 adults respondents in 13 countries of the world. This is the third edition of the report, published annually since 2010, and whose objective is to analyse the role of the Internet and social networks in healthcare at international level.

The majority of the population (84 per cent) get the network for health. To seven in ten spaniards (74 per cent) would be happy to have a secure Internet access where they can access your medical history or the results of his medical evidence.

60 Per cent of respondents you like to communicate directly with your doctor path email the 58% and i would like to do it through a chat online. More than half of the spaniards (57 per cent) would be happy to have an online consultation, which allows you to send an image on the Internet a medical professional for a diagnosis of his condition.

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