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Beijing platform for Procuring New Consultation services of Public benefits and Grade and level of dependency.

18 december 2012

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The INSS, through the intermediary Platform, available to all government agencies consultation of the benefits of the register of State Welfare Benefits and Temporary Disability and maternity.

This service provides the following information regarding the benefits granted by a citizen to current date:

Date: Date process that is the consultation.
Name: Name and surname of the person that performs the query.
The code and description of the perceived benefits.
The benefit amount.
The service is available for production since 10 december 2012.

The IMSERSO provided via the service of Degree and level of dependence of a person.
This service is available for production since 10 july 2012.

For more information, consult the documentation of services and a catalogue of services in the download area (Opens in new window)

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