Consultation success factors of electronic administration spanish leon

PAe - e-government in the board of castile and León
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E-government in the board of castile and León

21 november 2011

Consultation success factors of electronic administration spanish leon

The excellent situation of e-government in castile and leon is the result of continued work over the years, especially with the Plan of Implementation of the E-government in castile and León 2009-2011, which has enabled us to shape a set of applications and services to respond in an integrated manner the requirements of law 11/2007 of electronic access of citizens to public services.

  • The The service of citizen attention 012 complements to headquarters to open new channels of access to information and processing of procedures, without having to make a journey to the offices, but in this case through the phone, email, and of sending SMS alerts and email.

Since these are key points of entry of citizens are allowed access to the rest of key services e-government:

  • The Citizen's electronic window offers the citizen from one tool that is accessible to all the information associated with its relations with the Administration telematic from Castilla y león. From there you can consult both the state of processing of their requests as all the documents provided.
  • The Notifications and Electronic Communications the citizen provided an electronic channel where you can receive the notifications and communications from the administration of the community of Castilla y León. Of course, the citizen has the option of choosing this new channel or continue to use the notification.
  • The Web application for the verification of personal data of a citizen - removal of Photocopies enables any administrative agency from Castilla y león, replacing paper certificates electronic certifications with full legal guarantees. Therefore, simplifies the efforts of the citizens to avoid having to provide documents that are already in the possession of the Administration.

In addition, the administration of the board of castile and León provides additional tools that allow for providing citizens with interaction with electronic services especially in the treatment of the identification and electronic signature through digital certificates.

  • The module External Firm of documents the citizens of an interface for generating signatures of documents, in the most simple and intuitive as possible.
  • The module Automatic check Requirements automatically checks the user requirements to use Electronic Signature with client Certificate (browser or cryptographic card) providing further guidance on how we solve the possible problems.

More information in the CTT on: Electronic , The service of citizen attention 012 , Citizen's Electronic window , Notifications and Electronic Communications , Abolition of photocopies , External firm of documents , automatic checking requirements