PAe - published the seventh edition of the report of the Sector Infomediario
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Published the seventh edition of the report of the Sector Infomediario

08 may 2019

The Multisectoral Partnership information has released a new edition of the report of the Sector Infomediario, discussing the real value, economic and social council, of the companies reutilizadoras of data from the public sector and/or private partnerships to create value-added products.

For this edition of the Report of the Sector Infomediario (Opens in new window) , ASEDIE (Opens in new window) has analysed 697 enterprise; 35 more than in the previous edition. It is noteworthy that the financial information used for sales and office employees corresponds to 2017, since the closure of the report was not yet available information of 2018.

The main conclusions of the report are:

  • 97% Of companies using open Infomediario the public sector. In Addition, three of every fourth combine this information with private data. In this context, it is not surprising that 83 per cent of respondents claim that the opening of databases and access to them for reuse is a priority for the evolution of the sector.
  • More than half of the companies are located in the community of Madrid (37 per cent) and catalonia (18 per cent). However, the Sector Infomediario is represented in all the autonomous communities of the national territory, with the exception of the Autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.
  • 3 sectors continue to focus the bulk of the activity. Most companies infomediarias specialise in the “ geographic information systems ” (22 per cent), “ market ” (21 per cent) and the subsector “ economic and financial ” (20 per cent).
  • A sustainable industry in time, but with a large number of new businesses. The 60% of companies analyzed has more than 10 years, and nearly one third (29%) exceeds the score - as a curiosity, the oldest company dates from 1947-. But it is also a sector that attracted new players, since 31 per cent of companies have been created in the last five years.
  • The turnover grows 5.4 per cent over the previous year. In particular, the aggregate turnover of Infomediario Sector is €1.796.778.748. This figure is very positive, although it should be noted that the majority of billing concentrates on a few large enterprises.
  • And the number of employees increased by 4.6 per cent, reaching 20.229 workers. These data are very positive, because the employment growth in the total number of the spanish economy was 2.9 per cent.
  • The share capital sector added over 300 million euros. After two consecutive years of decline, the added subscribed capital have grown by 10 per cent in this exercise, although still does not reach the level before 2016.
  • 70% Of companies does have benefits. The 70% of companies submitted an average of approximately 300,000 euros, averaging losses of the remaining 30 per cent similar, but slightly negative. As in previous years, the net benefit generated has exceeded $62 million euros.
  • Under commercial risk. The probability of default risk to 12 months is moderate or a minimum to 74 per cent of enterprises.
  • Analysis of data and the Big Standing again jut out as the main challenges for the Sector Infomediario, followed very closely, for the opening of new sources. For its part, the barriers to reuse more mentioned by the respondents are the different availability of public information between autonomous communities and municipalities.

The report showing a series of successful companies, as infomediarias reutilizadores, and the public sector, as of open access publishing partners.

In short, we are faced with a sector with good health, which has experienced significant growth over the previous year, and whose future prospects are positive: more than half of respondents (65 per cent) believe that the Sector will grow Infomediario throughout this year, specifically between 2-5 per cent.

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