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Strategic plans in the autonomous community of the basque country

Responsible and partners from the government of the administration digital

The basque government Department of Public Governance and self-government

In this department of Public Governance and self-government to Directorate of citizenship and Innovation and improvement of the administration (Opens in new window) corresponds to the development, coordination and promotion of interdepartmental plans of innovation and improvement of quality in public services and the effective implementation in the public administrations of e-government in administrative procedures and in the management of public affairs. The Directorate-General for informatics and telecommunications (Opens in new window) among other the presence of public administration in the basque autonomy on the Internet.

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Strategic Plan for Public Governance and innovation: PEGIP 2020

11 december 2017

Published in december 2017 in site of the basque government. The department of Public Governance and self-government (Opens in new window) 1 pdf document of 292 p. printed.

  • NOTE: The basque government, in meeting held on 17 january 2017 adopted, inter alia, the agreement to approve the strategic plans of the government to the XI 2017-2020 Legislature, including The Strategic Plan of governance and Public Innovation 2020 (PEGIP 2020) (Opens in new window) whose elaboration and coordination is the responsibility of the department of Public Governance and self-government.

  • Electronic services
  • Open government

PIP - Public Innovation of the basque government 2014-2016

17 june 2014

Public innovation Plan del Gobierno Vasco: 2014-2016. [document published in] Vitoria-Gasteiz, june 2014. Disseminated on the internet by the Department of public administration and Justice (Opens in new window) . There is also disseminated in the blog PIP – Blog on the Public Innovation (Opens in new window) .-1 pdf file 90 p. printed.

  • NOTE: Strategic objectives:

• open Administration: To promote transparency, participation and collaboration in public administration.

• efficient administration: develop a range of services of quality and accessible by different channels (regimen, telephone, Internet).

• efficient administration: to improve the efficiency in administrative management, adapting the organization, introduced new management models and making intelligent use of technology.

• Management: Promote innovative innovation in the administration to engage the public and professionals in the design, management and evaluation of policies and public services

Annex I: Chips of projects and subprojects of PIP 2014-2016 Plan

1 pdf file 90 p. printed.

  • NOTE: general overview of the strategic areas:

• 1: Axis Transparency and good governance
• 2: Axis Interaction with citizenship
• Organizational Alignment 3: Axis
• 4: Axis Management improvement
• electronic administration 5: Axis
• 6: Axis Innovation from the co-creación