Payroll Viewing Service (Servinómina) at the Funciona web portal

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    The Electronic Payslip service (Servinómina) enables users to view their payslips at the Funciona web portal, thus doing away with payslip printing. The service is available to those departments currently using NEDAES for payroll management.
    Target audience:
    General State Administration
    Network service for end-users
    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
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    Technical area:
    Human resources management , Horizontal services for the AA.PP
    Functional area:
    Personal documents
    Not applicable
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    Programming language:
    JAVA , J2EE , Web Services
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    The Electronic Payslip service (Servinómina) allows civil servants to access their payslips through this portal, thus doing away with printed payslips. For convenience, the payslip is offered in PDF format allowing its storage by the user, for example, in a memory pen.

    Servinómina is a decentralized service based on deploying a Servinómina server in each organism that wants it. This equipment receives a monthly download with the payslip data from its corresponding Nedaes. When users want to see their payslips, the Portal portal will query the corresponding data and show it. The Servinómina server is owned by the agency and stores the payslip data. These data are never stored in the Funciona portal, which is only the way of showing them.

    The Funciona portal through Servinómina allows civil servants to consult their payslips corresponding to the last five years, whenever they are available. Civil servants may continue to access their payslips even when changing the ministry or agency they work for, and can see the ones issued by the different ministries or agencies where they working previously, provided that they are users of Servinómina. The Funciona portal publishes and keeps updated the list of ministries and agencies which use servinómina.