Digital Student Record

  • Short Name:
    Digital structure to hold the data of a student's academic record, following the Standards of Electronic File defining the National Interoperability Framework (ENI). The scheme is defined to include data such as identification, schooling, academic and other relevant educational data.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Organic area :
    Subtype data model:
    Information Structure
    Functional area:
    Education, culture and sport
    EUPL (European Public License)


    Student E-Record (EDA) is a project developed by the National Teacher Training and Education Technology Institute (INTEF) for the transfer of non-university student files across agencies in the public administration.

    An EDA includes an arranged set of educational data and categories, as well as e-file metadata.

    • Identification details.
    • Schooling information.
    • Academic background.
    • Special educational support needs.
    • Other relevant learning or training details.
    • File metadata.

    The associated XSD schema has titles in English for broader interoperability, opening the possibility of transfer or portability to other areas such us higher education management systems or even to the European context.

    The suggested scheme is based on the National Interoperability Standard for E-Files, meeting all the standard criteria in it.