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Reduction of documentation required by citizens and businesses

  • Short Name:
    Reducing the administrative burden of procedures of the principality of Asturias, and one of the main actions is to avoid the input of diverse documents, serving the citizens' right not to provide data and documents that are already held in the AAPP
    Target audience:
    Citizen any public administration, Company
    Agencies Responsible:

    Juan Carlos Rodríguez Rodríguez

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen, support for the electronic processing
    Functional Area:
    Personal documents, government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:


    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    From the premise that it was necessary reducing the administrative burden the procedures of the principality of Asturias, and one of the main actions was to avoid the input of diverse documentation , cumpliendo el derecho de los ciudadanos a no aportar datos y documentos que ya obren en poder de las AAPP (Laws 30/92 and 11/2007). Moreover, previously in this project, there was a decentralization in asking for the information to other agencies which caused a riots.


    • Detect, analyze, prioritizing and propose new interoperabilidades to undertake.
    • Establish and maintain collaboration agreements through agreements with Public administrations.
    • Introduce new interoperabilidades with Public Administrations:
    • Adapting the application forms and information offered to citizens and businesses.
    • Aligning and deploying systems and technological solutions as support for interoperability.

    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation

    • Having a J2EE platform, developed in openFWPA , has provided flexibility, cost savings, scalability, savings in maintenance, easy integration in architecture.
    • There was a Common module interoperability , based in architecture SOA, which is a single point where is the management and applications to call to obtain a certificate, and that is scalable to add new interoperabilidades.
    • The project has required collaboration agreements with different agencies or “ end point ” and satisfy their needs techniques to carry out the integrations.

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