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Open Government - Irekia:

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    That the administration ceases to be a web of rules incomprehensible to the citizen and laying government initiatives as own from conception, so that they can participate in its development and have access to the first-hand information.
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    Luis Petrikorena

    Open Government Director

    Tel. 945 018 049

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    Open source application
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    Electronic processing
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    Government and the public Sector
    EUPL (European Public License)
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    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    The starting position of this initiative are the previous experiences noteworthy in the previous legislature and executive in a tripartite configuration : Housing and Konpondu.

    In this regard, the origin of the project are the autonomous elections, new executive and a clear boost to “ change ”, in this case applied to the corporate level to transparency and participation .


    • That the administration ceases to be a web of rules incomprehensible to the citizen and laying government initiatives as own from conception so that they can participate in its development and have access to the first-hand information.
    • Enable citizens make proposals directly to the government and propose improvements, comments and suggestions to all bills, plans and other significant proceedings government and autonomous agencies, institutions and Public Corporations . Moreover, they can vote comments and contributions from other people.

    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation

    For the implementation of the project, has been essential by upper management, not only belief in the project, but active leadership in the whole of the Organization.

    • It is also crucial shaping destinations for people involved and capable of teamwork to serve as an element of internal expansion of the project.
    • It is imperative deepening in the quick and easy access to information (Transparency), together with the empowerment of citizen participation and the effective introduction of the Basque government in social networks (social networking Guide).
    • Finally, it is vital evolution in internal tools indexing and link, audiovisual and expansion of access mobile with special attention in the world Android.


    12 May 2015

    The ONU rewards the Basque Government by their policies for citizen participation Unshade accordion

    The Basque Government has received first prize of nations United to public service in two of its categories. In particular, the ONU has wanted to recognize the institute Mujer-EMAKUNDE Basque in the form of Promotion of gender perspective, for having demonstrated excellence in the implementation of the Basque Law for equality of Women and men, and to the portal IREKIA, in the category of Promotion of citizen participation in political decisions through innovative mechanisms.

    The granting of these awards, regarded as the most prestigious international recognition for excellence in the public sector, has been announced this morning by the director of Emakunde Landaida Izaskun and the director of Open Government Luis Petrikorena, who have shown the satisfaction of the Basque Government for the recognition that supposed to equality policies and citizen participation in Mountain Bike developed.

    The awards will be presented in Medellín (Colombia) the next 23 June, day appointed by the General assembly as the day of public service of nations together to "hold the value and the virtue of public service to the community".

    Recognition of citizen participation through IREKIA

    In transparency and citizen participation, ONU has wanted to recognize the policies of the Basque Executive carried out through the initiative Open Government of Mountain Bike (developed by the IREKIA portal (Opens in new window) ), which has been considered as one of the pioneers in this field at European level. The candidature was presented by the Association and Mountain Bike Internet has exceeded 3 rounds of evaluation that have measured, above all, the alignment of the objectives of this initiative with international principles promulgated by bodies such as the Open Government Partnership ( OGP (Opens in new window) ).

    IREKIA is a tool placed at the disposal of Basque society, with the aim of bringing about greater transparency in the management of government and allow the direct participation of citizenship in decision-making processes of Basque public policies. The portal was born as a collaborative space to promote political debate; listen and test the view of the public and show what this says in any forum of the network; and provide information on government action.

    El pasado año la web recibió 603.291 sesiones, con 376.398 usuarios únicos y sirvió 1,8 millones de páginas. Asimismo, a través de este portal se informó de 4.355 eventos de cargos públicos, se presentaron 77 propuestas de gobierno y se recibieron 288 propuestas ciudadanas.

    In social networks IREKIA generated 37.5 million impressions between twitter, facebook and Youtube and interactions between 25,500 twitter and facebook. The first four topaketas made to members of the Basque Government generated 2,436 shares of citizenship and 549 questions, and the uploaded videos 12,800 accounted for more than 163,000 visualizations.

    Irekia is a solution opensource available to other public administrations. More information on the IREKIA solution in the CTT.

    Original source of the news (Opens in new window)

    09 October 2014

    The Basque Government introduced version 5 of free software of the platform for citizen participation Open Irekia – Open Government Unshade accordion

    The Basque Government has submitted the application of free software (v5 version) of Open Irekia – Open Government personnel of municipalities, universities, General Boards and candidacies in a day that took place at the headquarters of Presidencia-Lehendakaritza in Vitoria-Gasteiz. It is an application that is available to institutions, users, developers and community in general to develop platforms that encourage the participation and transparency.

    In an act directed by the Director of open government, Luis Petrikorena, has been influenced the opportunity to move Open Irekia in each institution towards the philosophy of Open government. According To Petrikorena each new application that generates in institutions represents a new contribution to the network of platforms that encourage citizen participation. A concept that virtually is included in each project bill that is processed to parliament since these must be exposed to the participation of individuals.

    El encuentro ha tenido un carácter divulgativo y técnico y se ha profundizado en las características de Open Irekia y en cómo desarrollar nuevas plataformas en cada institución. Cabe destacar que la licencia es pública, requiere únicamente la cita al Gobierno Vasco y no supone coste alguno.

    12 February 2014

    Irekia renews its version of free software Unshade accordion

    The Basque Government updated its portal on Open Government and participation with a new version of software with the aim of better display the proposals of government and citizenship and facilitate the participation.

    As in the past, and faithful to the commitment of openness and collaboration represented by the software free the direction of Open Government makes available to the community the source code of the application Open Irekia v4 it is based on its web portal, Public licensed under the European union "European Union Public License – EUPL ”.

    More information in Open Irekia: https :// criterion _ id = 795250 = 1

    15 June 2011

    The application “ Open Irekia – Open Government ” available to users, developers and community in general. Unshade accordion

    The source code of Irekia

    Irekia , la web del Gobierno Vasco para promover la participación en internet, ha decidido liberar el software sobre el que se ha desarrollado este proyecto. Denominado OpenIrekia , puts at the disposal of citizenship, companies, organizations and, of course, other institutions and public administrations the "source code" of Irekia. In this way, it works and allows reuse free and free to avoid public administrations who want to develop projects of this kind have to make new economic investments of public money to get where Irekia has already arrived with an investment of public money.

    What OpenIrekia puts at the disposal of citizenship, freely and free, are features and components that uses the web Irekia . On the basis of existing components free software como el sistema operativo Linux, las bases de datos PostgreSQL y CouchDB, los intérpretes de los lenguajes de programación Ruby, Python y Erlang o el servidor web Apache (todos son free software therefore has not been needed for any payment its use and development), OpenIrekia has created managers of news, videos, users, etc that and sun that is released. So continues will be releasing other components that s evading joining the project Irekia .


    About a year ago, the Basque Government launched the internet portal Irekia as a reference in the philosophy of Open Government que todos los departamentos del Ejecutivo están incluyendo en el ejercicio diario de la acción de gobierno con el objetivo de mejorar la relación entre ciudadanía y administración, aprovechando las ventajas que ofrecen las nuevas tecnologías.

    A relationship based on the principles of transparecencia, participation and collaboration supported (technical, on a computing platform free software que surge del convencimiento de que todo aquel producto que se genera desde la administración con recursos públicos debe poder ser reutilizado libre y gratuitamente por la ciudadanía.

    Así, esta plataforma engloba diferentes funcionalidades que incluyen, entre otros, un sistema de gestión de preparación, clasificación y publicación de noticias, gestores contenidos multimedia en múltiples formatos, integración con diferentes redes sociales, múltiples agendas
    de eventos públicas y de uso interno del gobierno, procesos de coordinación y retransmisión de eventos en vivo, gestión de comentarios, gestión de propuestas ciudadanas, etc.

    Under the strong commitment of the Basque government with this principle, in the development of Irekia have been used free software components as the operating system Linux, databases and PostgreSQL CouchDB, interpreters programming languages Ruby, Python and Erlang or the Apache webserver. Also the original software project is being developed under the Public License European union "European Union Public License – EUPL".

    Lo que, desde el día 16 de diciembre de 2010, se hace público es el desarrollo llevado a cabo, hasta el momento, bajo la dominación OpenIrekia . En función del interés generado y el tipo de uso que se dará de los desarrollos publicados se evaluarán las alternativas de formación de una futura comunidad de usuarios o desarrolladores.

    In any case, the evolution of Irekia it will be a constant in the coming months and years for what will be posted new versions in the future.

    Irekia license

    Introduction to the EUPL license
    The Basque Government puts at the disposal of users, developers and community in general application called “ Open Irekia – Open Government ” under the Public License European union "European Union Public License – EUPL ”. This license, developed within the European Union, was born with the intention of being the license under which one release programs and applications developed by public administration and with the specific feature to be compatible with other licences called free, as the GNU General Public License (GNU/GPL). These characteristics give, thereby freed applications, greater legal certainty and encourage the interoperability of services of the E-government.

    The European Union Public License (Opens in new window)

    EUPL v.1.1 (Opens in new window)



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