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Works - public employee Portal

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    Works Portal
    Works is a portal that provides information and services of interest to all staff of the General administration of the state (AGE).
    Actualmente consta de un portal de intranet ( y una sede electrónica (
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    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user

    For any question related to the Portal Works or the spaces works, you can reach us via the incidences form (Opens in new window)  


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    Infrastructure or common service
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    Human resources management
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    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
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    The Portal of Public Employee works is a portal orientado a todo el personal de la Administración General del Estado.

    The intranet portal, which uses the SARA Network as a means of dissemination of its services, consists of a main room that provides information and services of interest to all public employees, as planks of labour mobility or search in the directory among others, as well as access to personal information such as payroll, economic data of the pension scheme or personal file.

    Also consists of minisites or small portals, called Spaces works, most of whom are specialized in human resources and managers oriented staff, containing points of access to specialized applications developed by the Office in that area.

    Electronic Headquarters, for its part, offers users access via the internet to a subset of services of the vestibule, especially those related to the user's personal information, such as their wages or personal file. It also allows to senior file electronically their statements and communications.


    10 May 2019

    Seat works in Internet Unshade accordion

    In last April launched Seat Works (Opens in new window) on the Internet. This allows access to services of personal Area of the Portal Works, among which are: consultation of payroll, personal file and access to data of the pension scheme. Shortly be added in addition new services of application of procedures of human resources.


    Until now, the Portal works only was accessible from jobs located on the premises of the administration, since it disseminated through the network SARA. This prevents access to staff who was not in offices, for being on leave, retirement or work stoppages. Thus, the headquarters Works, accessible via the Internet services complement allows the Portal Operates in SARA Network.


    Access to Works from the Internet was an ancient demand, both public employees, as the union centrals and personnel units. This new channel aims to facilitate and increase the use of electronic means by public employees in the proceedings performed with the administration.


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