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It works - Portal of the public servant

  • Date start up:


    • During the first quarter will be renewed the visual aspect of the Portal operates, with more modern and functional, similar to that already used at headquarters Functions.
    • In early april was completed the adaptation of Works and Portal headquarters functions at the IV Convention Único labour of the General state administration.
    • The Service of statements and submissions of senior positions, which is currently used on a voluntary basis, will become compulsory use of 20 april, as defined in the order TFP/2/2020, of 8 january.
    • During the year 2020, will be the evolution of headquarters Functions, including new procedures for personnel management (SIGP) geared towards public employee, such as for example, competitions, shuttle pre certificates of merit, and changes of status, etc...

    Annual visits: 1.958.241

    Page views: 27.809.785

    Places: 2,287 offered

    Annual visits to headquarters 278.488 Works:

    Page views in headquarters 1.097.593 Works:

    Data from 2019

    Functional description

    The portal provides access to services and useful information for public employees, such as the following:

    • Consultation of payroll and PERSONAL certificate
    • Consultation and electronic request of the labour file
    • Consultation of the economic data of the pension scheme of AGE
    • Consultation of electronic documents
    • Offers of posts of
    • Information and subscription to competitive transfers
    • Notice boards for mobility
    • Directory of AGE

    It is the point of access to specialized applications developed by the sub-department for Electronic Services for human resources management:

    • The Central Register of Staff
    • Badaral
    • CECIR Portal
    • Integrated management system of Staff
    • Sires Portal of file sharing

    Technical Description

    Work is hosted in Red Hat Linux servers and uses the following tools:

    • Magnolia content manager Magnolia International Ltd.
    • Central Authentication Service (CAS) of the Open Source project JA-SIG. Is used to provide authentication services and SSW Portal and to the external applications.
    • Spring Security, security component of the Framework Spring and part of the Spring Portfolio. used for authorisation to provide services within the contents and services of the web site.
    • Apache HTTP Server. Web server in Internet.
    • Apache Tomcat. Applications server.
    • Engine indexing and search Apache Lucene, which is integrated into the Magnolia content management system.
    • Apache Axis. Implementation of SOAP, required for the development of web services.
    • Oracle Database
    • Use the platform for validation of signature @firma for validation of certificates
    • Use the Portafirmas of SEAP for internal processing electronic requests for access to applications.
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