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    The platform for citizen participation Consul is implanted in 18 countries around the world. In Spain, the platform for citizen participation is used by more than 40 cities and towns. In Europe, is being used by France (in Paris and Aude), Italy (in Turín) and Albanian (in Tyrannical). Innovation notable in Buenos Aires, as well as, at the national level, Uruguay and Colombia, which are using it for the definition of their national development plans and open government. In June 2018 the platform CONSUL has received the prize of nations United to public service, for its inclusiveness. Is also used for a pilot project for the PNUD sustainable development plan of the ONU. Is the application recommended for citizen participation by the bank development Cone to its member states.

    Currently, the municipality of Madrid is maintaining contact with others with towns and cities of Ciudad Italia, germany (Berlin), Malt, Netherlands, Slovenian, E.E.U.U. (New York) and Polonia for the implantation of your platform.

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