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Concurrent Cache Manager

  • Functional description

    - Is built to JavaSE 6 and above.

    - The same instance of Concurrent Cache Manager can meet concurrently to several readings, in several different threads, without a reading block others.

    - Concurrent Cache Manager is built on Java Generics, making it possible to use the cache with this feature of Java language.

    - You can control the decision on when you run a purged through a policy of purged.

    - Manages always return String manipulation.

    - At a future will also define the type of value to cache.

    Technical Description

    The solution consists of 4 software projects which are built up Maven tool.

    - emprego-maven-skin: Project with the skin to standardize the aspect of the sites with Maven documentation generated in the Public Servizo para de Galicia (SPEG).

    - emprego-parent-maven2: Parent project of all projects of SPEG. Contains the definition of potential plugins that can be used in the construction of applications, as well as a minimum configuration-based reports.

    - emprego-utils library: basic Public Servizo of employment of Galicia. This library contains utilities to close the JDBC common objects silently Closeable, objects, utilities to threads and basic utilities for scheduling cron tasks.

    - emprego-ccm: implementing a Project manager concurrent caches used in multiple projects of which allows you SPEG reduce the burden of transactions with the employment service etatal level.

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