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Sectoral commission of information technology and communications Guiding conference of Spanish Universities (CRUE-TIC)

UNIVERSITIC: Analysis of the TIC in Spanish universities

Collects, through the evolution of a set of quantitative indicators, the state of the Spanish University System in relation to information technology and communications (TICK) and has as objective analysis and strategic planning of Spanish universities from the point of view of the TIC.

  • NOTE : It published annually since 2007

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Map of the E-government in Spanish universities

Performs, Crue-TIC. sectoral Commission of information technology and communications. Subset of E-government.

  • NOTE : It is an annual report whose first edition is published in the summer of 2015.

  • The report published in October 2016 collects responses to a survey sent to “ eGovernment partners ” of Spanish universities (public and private) the 14/03/2016.

  • Administrative cooperation

Memoirs of activities CRUE-TIC

Contains actions and projects that have been carried out in the tick of Sectoral Crue Spanish Universities throughout the year

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Valence Polytechnic college (UPV)

La Unión Europea y su política para el desarrollo de la administración electrónica: tras los objetivos de la estrategia de Lisboa (2004)

01 January 2004

Antonio Alabau, cátedra Jean Monnet, Universidad Politécnica Valencia, edita Fundación Vodafone, 2004.- 1 pdf de 268 p. 

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