PAe - ADA, the new solution of CCN-CERT that detection of cyber threats of type malware
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ADA, the new solution of CCN-CERT that detection of cyber threats of type malware

10 february 2021

ADA analyzes all types of files (zip file, .pdf, office documents) and URLs to detect malware type cyber threats and deviant behaviour in the files reviewed.

The CCN-CERT (Opens in new window) the Centre National Cryptologic (CCN) has developed its new solution advanced analysis of ADA harmful code: (Opens in new window) , platform with the improved detection of cyber threats of type malware in archives, files (zip file, pdf, office documents, etc.) and URLs.

ADA integrates the functionalities of detection of the solutions MARTA (Opens in new window) and MARÍA (Opens in new window) . This way, through a combination of static and dynamic analysis of samples, and with the use of forensic analysis tools, this new solution enhances the capacity of the identification of attack vectors and infection and threats both known as unknown.

With ADA, users will be able to carry out advanced analysis of received files by email or downloaded on the Internet in an environment asylee, which prevents the analysed information on this platform is consulted by other users and agencies. It may also consult the results of analyses conducted in the reports produced by the executive solution itself, with dynamic graphics, interactive maps, diagrams of behaviour and usage statistics and comparison.

This new solution offers additional protection against possible cyber threats, thereby reducing the surface of exposure of systems and increasing capacity for the prevention of agencies and organizations to the constant evolution and complexity of the cyber attacks.

Main features of ADA

The solution allows you to control, manage and access to the outcomes of all the technologies that integrates analysis from a single unified interface. Among its main features are:

  • Dynamic analysis multi-tecnología: ADA sends the sample of malware to various dynamic analysis technologies through integration with MARTA; coordinates, orchestra and the results, which are standardized and consolidated appeal for their consumption by the users.
  • In-depth analysis: integrates MARÍA solution for a powerful analysis of signatures of virus and it adds desensamblado capabilities, forensic analysis and collection of metadata on samples accepted, offering a static analysis with the same depth that a dynamic analysis.
  • Historic analysis: ADA stores and consolidates the results generated, so that can be found quickly, either to extend an investigation or to enrich the outcome of each new analysis. In addition, thanks to a depth of the vision provided, allows statistics to monitor the evolution of the threats.

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