PAe - public consultation in order to shape the future european interoperability
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Public consultation in order to shape the future european interoperability

04 february 2021

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In the framework of the assessment of the programme and the ISA ² european Interoperability Framework (EIF), and with the aim of presenting a policy of enhanced interoperability of the public sector in 2021, the european commission has launched this consultation.

This consultation (Opens in new window) aims to collect the views of the parties concerned on the eu initiatives on the interoperability of the public sector. The information collected will be incorporated in evaluation European Interoperability framework (Opens in new window) (EIF), the final evaluation of the ISA ² programme (Opens in new window) and an impact assessment on the future of interoperability. Is open until 27 april.

The European Commission (Opens in new window) proposed to submit by 2021 'a strategy of enhanced interoperability of eu governments to ensure coordination and common standards for services and flow data on the public sector and insurance without frontiers'. This initiative will be accompanied by a study to assess the problems experienced by the parties concerned of the eu and the impacts of various policy options to address them.

How will the contributions?

The evaluation of the EIF fulfils the commitment of section 6 of the Communication from the EIF (Opens in new window) . The results will contribute to the impact assessment and help to assess whether the recommendations of the EIF should form part of a mandatory instrument.

This consultation also provides an opportunity to gather the views of the parties concerned on the achievements of the programme ISA2. The information gathered will contribute to the final evaluation of ISA2, conceived in parallel with the assessment of the EIF and the impact assessment on a future strategy of interoperability.

How to participate?

Can contribute to the public consultation by completing the online questionnaire (Opens in new window) or through a email . This questionnaire is available in english, french and german. However, it can respond in any official language of the eu.

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