PAe - Deployed new version of Archive v1.2.5.5
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Deployed new version of Archive v1.2.5.5

07 march 2018

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This version allows responding to requests for file access through electronic dissemination packages.

Archive is a web application of the final file, which provides for working with electronic records and documents.

It has deployed a new version (v1.2.5.5) which includes a number of new features and improvements. In particular, include the following developments:

  • User interface re. It has completely changed the interface design, so that the application has now more attractive and usable.
  • DPI package management (Dissemination Information Package). It has implemented a new feature packages for generating. With this new feature is intended to respond to requests to access the file you receive archivists. When an archivist receives a request for access to certain claim files their electronic filing, it should create a new package. This package will incorporate the dossiers that must be provided to the applicant. Once the archivist has included all the files in the package, you must close the package and generate a login credentials. The login credentials will be generated indicating the NIF belonging to the concerned and to you by mail with the URL from which you can consult the package. Once the applicant receives these credentials, it could agree to this URL to view or download the files.
  • Other corrections and improvements.

More information Archive solution of the PTT.

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