PAe - framework agreement to implement the E-government in small municipalities of Cantabria
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Framework agreement to implement the E-government in small municipalities of Cantabria

08 march 2018

The chair announced that the plan, after the award and formalized the contrato-programa, be deployed in three months and it would bring together 129 procedures

The government of Cantabria has formally initiated the process of implementation of the E-government in small municipalities, with the approval of the framework agreement of the project, which includes investment of eur 1.1 million in five years and the release of a customer of $600,000, alongside a specific aid.

The presidency has put forward the details of the framework plan, which is sensitive to european funding, through the ERDF Funds, and to emerge to tender in the coming days with the aim to implement and deployed after the summer.

As has already been mentioned, this will make it possible to maintain the cantabrian team consistorios of less than 20,000 inhabitants, a total of 97, to meet the legal obligations towards comprehensive digitisation of public administrations.

With the tendering of this contract, the government of Cantabria assumes its role, as provincial deputation "coordinator and promoter" throughout the process of establishing electronic means to realize the Administration electronic one hundred percent on municipal councils.

The smaller municipalities have a personalized electronic site for the relationship with the citizenship and a web portal of procedures for its staff, for a comprehensive management "" procedures and electronic files. This does not exclude the remaining municipalities of Cantabria to accede.

The new network of the government and the technological infrastructure will also cover more than 1,109 105 computers, network servers, 290 printers, photocopiers and 180 scanners used currently by the 97 lgas of Cantabria not to exceed 20,000 inhabitants.

The procedures provided

The beijing platform for electronic administration of the municipalities will be put in place since its inception with 129 administrative procedures, grouped by different jurisdictions: municipal property management, population and territorial demarcation, regulatory procedures, management of conventions and grants, economic management and finance, procedures of the organization and functioning, management of personnel, the power of sanction, legal issues, and municipal licensing.

Therefore, the vast majority of the administrative procedures which manage the municipalities will be included since the beginning in the new technology platform, which will have the technical capacity to incorporate more red tape.

In the process of implementation of the digital Administration in municipalities, the government of Cantabria developed tools and interconnected and interoperable platforms, which meet the requirements of national security and Interoperability, noted from the Chair.

The so-called Citizen Folder so that citizens know that they are in possession of administrations and the state of your file. There will also be a Common Electronic Registration and the virtual office for the handling of electronic procedures, with a platform and brokerage of data with all the public authorities.

The technology platform will launch an additional payment gateway for the online subscription municipal taxes, service to manage notifications by electronic means and other platforms specifically uses an electronic record apoderamientos and a module which will make it possible to register and enable a public official.

The platform will allow the complete electronic processing and management, as well as municipal reports and statistics in this format.

The information system used for the provision of services will be accessible via the Internet by citizenship for the conduct of consultations and processing of a fully electronic form and network connectivity SARA, and the remaining agencies responsible for the implementation of the transactions, assuming all the costs of such connections.

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