PAe - the city of Castellón, the code of releases of its plan of government
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The city of Castellón, the code of releases of its plan of government

12 july 2018

The scorecard of Pla de Govern "" is used to see the degree of progress in fulfilling the commitment of the plan of government. The data for the scorecard come from the board "Trello" which manages the implementation of commitments

In the year 2016 the Ayuntamiento de Castelló started up Kanban method for the management of the commitments of the government plan (Pla de Govern). In this method, originally popularized by Toyota to supply chain management, the projects are represented by boards, containing lists (in the government plan correspond to the schedules of commitments), the lists contain cards (which correspond to the commitments), and the cards are progressing in a list to the following (via drag and drop).

The Pla de Govern "", represented by a board Kanban tool on-line Trello [trello.com], on each card represents a compromise, incorporating a checklist "checklist" with key initiatives: how to comply with the government team that commitment, what actions undertaken to make this happen.

To complete the process of managing "Trello", l'ajuntament de Castelló developed a table of command where, from the cards on each list, you can find out the degree of progress in global (commitments made, outstanding, and of the mandate) and by category (according to the assigned tags for each card).

The source code for that category of command, that is released, now enables you to discover an example of a set of CSS and Javascript free whose combined use may be on its own, regardless of the interest in using dashboards Kanban, could be of interest to other public administrations:

  • Use the library to generate Bootstrap responsivas web pages
  • Use the library D3.js to produce data visualizations
  • Use the library of icons Font Awesome to enrich data representation
  • Use the library Spin.JS for the generation of graphics, in which it takes for visualizations generated

For more information:

  • Interadministrativa cooperation