PAe - AEPD presents with ENAC its certification scheme Delegates data protection
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The AEPD presents with ENAC its certification scheme Delegates data protection

13 september 2017

The aim is to provide security and reliability to professionals of privacy and to companies and entities that will incorporate DPD their organisations.

The Spanish data protection agency (Opens in new window) (AEPD), in collaboration with the National Accreditation (Opens in new window) (5), Has today presented his Certification scheme Delegates data protection . It was attended by an expert technical committee formed by 23 members, including representatives from sectors and professional associations, business, universities and Public administrations. The AEPD thus becomes the first European authority that carries out a scheme of certification of Delegates of data protection (DPD).

The AEPD has opted for promoting a certification of DPD with the aim of providing safety and reliability to professionals of privacy and to companies and organisations that this figure to their organizations, providing a mechanism that allows the DPD certify that meet the professional skills and knowledge required. Certifications will be granted by certification authorities duly accredited by ENAC, following criteria for accreditation and certification schemes developed by the AEPD in collaboration with the sectors involved.

Certification is not the only way to be DPD and in no case shall be compulsory to use a certain outline, while the agency has found it necessary to provide a point of reference to the market on the contents and elements of a certification mechanism that can serve as collateral for credit qualification and professional capacity of the candidates for delegate of Data protection.

The Scheme of certification of Delegates agency is structured into three parts: the AEPD as owner and director of the ENAC scheme, in its capacity of the requirements for certifiers and, finally, the certification entities themselves. The Agency considers that this division is a quality factor for the certification process, as the three separate entities with independent functions establishes a relationship of trust and mutual responsibility.

The creation of this scheme of certification of delegates from european data protection AEPD is the starting point in a process of continual improvement and constant review that will be realimentar post implementation with the practical experience and certifying accrediting. In this regard, the agency and ENAC have signed a collaboration agreement to coordinate its actions in the framework of their respective activities and competencies.

The delegate of data protection in the RGPD

The The General Rules on data protection (RGPD) that applies on 25 may 2018, sets out a series of “ active ” responsibility by those who seek to safeguard the data fundamental right of citizens. These measures included the allocation of one delegate of data protection (DPD) in the case of public authorities and bodies, entities carrying out a routine and systematic observation of the people, and large-scale entities that are key activities including the treatment, including a large scale, of sensitive data. The DPD is one of the key elements of adaptation to RGPD and a guarantor of respect for the data protection rules in the organizations.

Global vocation certification scheme's DPD

Both the development of the syllabus for the AEPD as the processes that certification bodies will continue to assess the competencies of the DPD have been established following the criteria of the international standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012. The support and ongoing monitoring of ENAC bring confidence to ensure the recognition of these standards.

This is possible thanks to the multilateral Recognition (MLA) that has entered into in 5 the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the clear intention of collaboration with ENAC european acreditadores (European Accreditation) in order to further advancing an accreditation infrastructure to provide confidence anywhere in the world.

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