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New version Portafirmas AGE

05 october 2017

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The v. includes numerous enhancements and features.

It has been put into production version of General Portafirmas (AGE). This version will be available shortly in portafirmas of Redsara and software which is circulated through the Portal of E-government. In particular the changes included are:

  • Provides a new feature “ Cancel signature ”. It includes a tab to annul signature, both in the pending motions and petitions signed, and includes a new section on petitions Declared invalid. In Addition the signatures cancelled cannot be cotejadas by CSV. The signatures are irretrievably lost counterparties using the option “ signature ” Recover annulled.
  • Change the reports of standard signature to save independently and not to be overwritten.
  • Revising the mobile services for submissions to the phone calls only validated instead of all pending.
  • Correction of ZIP download Firefox
  • Correction of incidence of .rtf file
  • Correction of incidence in the collation of papers to CSV
  • Improvement of error messages
  • Incorporation of icons when a request have comments or annexes
  • Recovery of sealing of reports
  • Correction of incidence of time
  • Correction of incidence in electronic invoices, including in accounting documents (.tcn)
  • Notice of signature certificate expired with option to remain in or cancel the operation

More information on the Portafirmas solution in the cst.

  • Identity and electronic signature