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New license EUPL

14 june 2017

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The european commission has published a new version of the license. The EUPL is legally consistent with the copyright act all eu countries and is particularly suitable for public administrations which share solutions.

In comparison with previous versions, the new version 1.2 of the EUPL has:

  • More comprehensive coverage: In addition to the software, the new version also covers information, documents, specifications and standards, as well as source code.
  • Compatibility: The new version is compatible with a greater range of open source licenses.
  • Greater flexibility: The new version provides users with more space to add provisions, as long as they do not contradict the licence, for example, users can add a reference to a specific law to be followed, choose a court of arbitration, etc.
  • In other language version: Version 1.2 of EUPL is available in 23 languages of the eu, including spanish.

The first version of the EUPL was published in 2007 and was updated in 2009. Later in this year, the EUPL was certified as an open source license by the OSI (Open Source Initiative), an organization that promotes open source software.

Through the publication of the new version of the EUPL, the european commission contributes to the legal interoperability. The EUPL supports the exchange and reuse of ICT solutions developed by public administrations, getting to save time and reduce costs.

In Spain, the EUPL license is recommended by the National Interoperability (ENI) in its article 16 for the disbandment of the reusable applications from the public authorities.

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