PAe - New collaborative functionality in PAe and PTT
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New features in PAe collaborative and PTT

19 october 2016

These improvements are intended to improve the level of participation and collaboration of portal users as well as facilitate the retention of better informed of what happens in PAe and in each of the solutions and communities.

We want to know your views and experience with regard to the contents published in PAe for all pages available in PAe through a simple survey located at the end of each page you can tell us whether you hath result or Useful To the content as well as bring us bugs or requests for improvement.

Your contributions, will learn more about your interests and adapting the content to your needs. You participate.

With this new version also want to improve the options of subscription to the PAe expanding available and allowing both PAe users (including PTT and communities) as unregistered users that will facilitate their e-mail, can customize your preferences.

The solutions PTT and communities of collaboration are already allowed for the subscription to each of them to keep track of news and content updates carried out in the download area, a communication channel for each solution or community . These options includes the possibility of signing the partnership forums of communities and the solutions of the CTT, as well as general forums of the PAe. It also allows each user can customize subscribed to receive the 3 types of available subscription (news, documents, forum) or if you just want to be subscribed to one of them.

The management of subscriptions to solutions of the PTT and communities of collaboration will take the following characteristics:

  • The subscription will include for each solution or community (according to the options that is selected):
    • News: news that have been registered in such a solution.
    • Documentation: changes in download area solutions (documents or of communities:
      • Shall be notified of new files (downloads) and modifications of files (updates involving uploading a new file)
      • There will be reported changes in reporting of folders, descriptions, names of the downloads, etc.
      • There will be a link to the file to download it directly.
    • Forums: Messages sent to the forums.
  • The subscription to a solution or community will be undertaken individually in each of them. This option would be available in the corresponding tab general "". From there you may request the high or low for each subscription options available.
  • The shipment of subscriptions to news and will be carried out daily documents For any solution that has signed will find a single mail accumulating all changes made to such a solution. If there are no changes are not receive an email.
  • The shipment of subscriptions to the forums will take place every hour sending an email for each message recorded in the forum. If there are no changes are not receive an email.
  • The subscription to a solution can also conduct by anonymous users internet access although they were notified only content updates declared as servants.
  • Registered users in PAe may in aggregate form available solutions and the communities which are signed . For this once identified with your username in PAe, they get in the top menu right "" Configuration and the new screen you will have to access "" subscriptions.

Remember that to manage properly your subscriptions is imperative that updated remain the e-mail accounts associated with your users in PAe.

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