PAe - GALATEA, common management service 2014-2020 FEDER, already in production.
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GALATEA, common management service 2014-2020 FEDER, already in production.

17 november 2016

The launch of this is a step forward in the management of the Erdf Funds, enabling agencies to Intermediate processing attached, comprehensive, uniform and centralized.

On 2 november, was put into production GALATEA a tool that will allow for the processing by electronic means of the entire life cycle involved in granting aid coming from the funds ERDF (Opens in new window) . In this first version, the functionality is available on the submission of applications by potential beneficiaries, and was already covering the last call published in the For the BOE HAP/1610/2016, of 6 october (Opens in new window) , which approves the second call for the selection of strategies for sustainable, integrated urban development that will be cofinanced by the operational programme erdf 2014-2020 sustainable growth.

Once the deadline and in successive versions, the application will allow for the valuation and admissibility of the same, the rationale for projects cofinanced and finally the verification and referral of certificates of expenditure by fund managers Intermediate Agencies designated by the relevant management Authority.

This solution is within the scope of the cooperation agreement signed last june between the 'old' DTIC, (today Secretariat-General for administration Digital) and the General directorate of community funds, as relevant management Authority, which provides a model of governance whereby, through the subdirectorate General european Territorial cooperation and urban development, to channel the common needs and particular management designated Intermediate Agencies responsible for processing.

This provides an overview and uniform of the proceedings, so that the tool is conceived as a common service in the cloud made available to Intermediate Agencies concerned, which will greatly improve the efficiency and streamline the processing of the process of a comprehensive manner. It promotes the Ict Strategy 2014-2020 of AGE, adopted by the council of ministers on 2 october 2015, the Digital Processing and the model of governance established by the Royal Decree 806/2014, of 19 september (Opens in new window) on the organization and operational instruments of information and communication technologies in the General state administration and its Agencies, within the scope of the management of community funds.

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