PAe - Awarded the electronic document management and implementation MINHAP “ Archive ”
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Awarded the electronic document management and implementation MINHAP “ Archive ”

31 may 2016

Award for best project supervision to the management of electronic documents also MINHAP "Archive" has become a finalist in the category of best innovative activity.

The viith congress of files of castile and Leon has awarded the prize for the best project supervision to Policy of electronic document management and the ministry of Finance and Public Administrations (Opens in new window) . The congress, the implementation of electronic file Archive developed by the ministry in the service of all the public authorities, it has become a finalist in the category of best innovative activity.

In the award of the jury has pointed out that it is the first policy for the management of electronic documents of the General state administration and is a benchmark for other agencies and institutions. All ministries and agencies are obliged to develop its policy of management of electronic documents. Basically, is to define the guidelines of each organization to the creation and management of electronic documents authentic, reliable and available over time, pointing out those responsible for each process.

In each organization this approach includes the basic line for designing your scanning process, the definition of technical and organisational requirements needed to implement lotuses digitization processes and management of documents that had to be addressed: electronic signatures, electronic register, copied genuine, definitive file, etc.

In the case of the ministry of finance and public administrations, the document has been prepared by a working group highly representative, comprising specialists in computer file, and managers, representing public agencies and entities with extensive experience in management, electronic administration and the file. also joined the ministry of the presidency and the sub-department of State Archives of the ministry of education, culture and Sport.

From the development of the electronic document management which the idea of developing an application that would address the need for an electronic file. It launched the project Archive.

The application Archive has been a finalist

For its part, the application Archive has been a finalist in best innovative activity. This is an application for the electronic document management and electronic files, resulting in the response phase of file to e-administration in constant momentum.

Archive is a software development carried out by the ministry of finance and public administrations and made available to all public administrations, with the object of reuse and recycle for the same. all information filed is absolutely independent of the technology that supports the service, and that ensures their functional effectiveness over time.

Implementation has been developed by the directorate of information and communications of the ministry, in collaboration with the files of the ministry and following standards and european models. Currently being tested successfully in some pilot projects in the various agencies of public administrations, central and local realities.

With Archive, electronic records and documents are imported and classified in series documentaries and pass through a number of states (automatically or manually), according to the conservation policy assigned. Archive allows to manage all phases of electronic records and documents. Includes tools for exchange between files, seek, obtain files, records of income, etc.

Any town hall, autonomous community, ministry, agency or public entity may have unrestricted access to the implementation and should fulfil the requirements of electronic filing requires that the legislation with a period of adaptation which ends in october 2018.

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More information on the ARCHIVE solution in the cst.

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