PAe - Four in five municipalities gallegos allow online
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Four out of five municipalities gallegos allow online

12 july 2016

The number of local bodies with headquarters, the presence of women in social networks, transparency and consultations with other administrations.

Four out of five municipalities allow any processing telematics of its procedures, 3.2 points more than two years ago. The “ Registration of documents ”, “ Complaints and suggestions ” and “ request and obtain certificates ”, are the processes and procedures that exist in most municipalities. In Addition, 26.9 per cent of municipalities gallegos have a catalogue of procedures, and, of these, 80.2 per cent have a catalogue accessible through the network.

Are the latest report on e-government in the municipalities of Galicia, today's Observatory of the information society of Galicia (OSIMGA) of the agency for technological upgrading of Galicia (Amtega).

The report assesses every two years, the situation of infrastructure, equipment and the level of development of electronic headquarters in municipalities, interoperability between administrations, the use of digital certification systems for the identification of public employees and citizens in case handling, etc.

The report notes that 52.9 per cent of municipalities gallegos with web site, has an electronic, experiencing an increase of more than 20 percentage points over the past two years. Although its implementation is spreading in all municipalities, regardless of size, the municipalities of over 50,000 include those who have the highest percentage of implementation of the electronic site with a 85.7%.

Communications and participation of citizenship
Also noteworthy is the presence of social networks of more than half of municipalities gallegos (50.1 per cent), which increased by 7.2 points in the past two years. The most common social network in municipalities gallegos is Facebook, present in almost half of the same (49.7%), followed by Twitter (22.7 per cent). The most common action involving citizenship is the opportunity to comment on news published by the council on its website, present in a 14.6 per cent of municipalities.

29.5 Per cent of municipalities gallegos have available a portal or area of transparency within their entity. Almost all municipalities that indicated that they had no transparency portal pointed out that would be interested in having a portal or space with these characteristics.

Interoperability between public administrations
The operationalization of the telematic procedures also involves the implantation of systems of interoperability, which permit the exchange of data between administrations, thereby avoiding citizenship already provide documentation available to them. The home rule authority has a platform of interoperability, Pasaxe!, which can adhere the galicia municipalities already and that avoids having to produce up to 36 types of certificates (family, disability, DNI...).

In the past year, 8 per cent of the municipalities the duty to make some documents (DNI, certificates of fiscal obligations [AEAT, Social security], large family, disability, recording, etc.); and 20.6 per cent of municipalities replaced by responsible some documents statements bring (certification of bank account, power of attorney, etc.).

More than half of the municipalities (50.5 per cent) had an exchange of data with other AAPP, through the submission of documents with electronic certificates. In terms of access of local information systems for other AAPP have any questions, we note that 77.6% of them carried out at some point this action, and a 42.1% has integrated procedures electronically with computer systems of other public administrations.

Computer applications and proposals for action
In 2015 the inhabitant of “ ” and “ Accounts ”, with a 99.6 per cent and 98.3 per cent, respectively, became the most common applications in the municipalities gallegos. All municipalities have any application of internal management, although they are the municipalities of more than 50,000 inhabitants who have a higher percentage of availability.

The lack of financial resources, with a 24.4 per cent of municipalities gallegos, followed by a lack of training with 19.6 per cent, are the two main barriers that are the municipalities of Galicia when optimising the electronic administration.

The “ records management/electronic procedure (backoffice) ”, is pointed out by the municipalities as a priority activity to optimize, followed by the management of digitization, document management, electronic archiving, custody.

You can consult the full report prepared by the OSIMGA in the documents: http://www.osimga.org (Opens in new window)

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