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Available new catalogue of Digital Administration

25 april 2016

The DTIC - directorate of information and Communications issued a new catalogue with the compilation of the services offered to the public administrations for reuse in different modes of use.

The Catalogue of Digital management services is object shared services and the rest of common services, infrastructure and other technological solutions that the DTIC the directorate of information and communication technologies, makes available to all public administrations to contribute to advancing the development of Digital Administration and improve services to citizens and businesses, or internal public employees.

The DTIC is responsible for foster and coordinate the administration of the state to realize the new approach to ict services. The new model was reflected in the Plan of Digital Processing of state administration (2015-2020), Ict Strategy adopted by the council of ministers in october 2015 and in the first Statement of Shared Services .

The new ICT Governance incorporates the recommendations of the oecd and the european commission's strategy for the Digital Único Market and is the ideal instrument for the implementation of new laws on administrative procedure and Common legal regime for Public administrations. Its aim is to respond to new demands of society, provide information and digital services anytime, anywhere and any channel, generating new forms of relationship with the people by providing opportunities for business and innovation in services, taking advantage of opportunities that provide information and Communications.

This Catalogue of Digital management services is structured in the following subparagraphs:

  • Digital administration services provided to citizens and
  • Internal management
  • Infrastructure
  • Regulation, guides, and reports relevant

Each section contains the relevant to the services offered, briefly, the type of provision, the potential targets and, where appropriate, the legal framework, as well as further information with appropriate links.

The catalogue also offered in a spreadsheet format, more summarized, with the key figures for each solution.

For more information about the legal framework available E-government code (Opens in new window) , compendium of consolidated legislation, edited by BOE with selection and management of content by DTIC.

Download the catalogue of Digital management services .

  • Centre for technology transfer
  • Infrastructure and common services
  • Electronic services