PAe - UNED sets in motion the first mass process of integration of computer applications with the ministry of finance and Public Administrations
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UNED sets in motion the first mass process of integration of computer applications with the ministry of finance and Public Administrations

16 october 2015

This is the issue with electronic signature and CSV code of ratings for courses and evidence of Greater Access to university.

UNED has been successfully completed the first mass process which integrates own software applications and horizontal services offered by the directorate of information and communications of the ministry of finance and Public Administrations (MINHAP) to the different Public administrations. Through this process, students who take the Access courses a la universitat per a majors (Opens in new window) and its relevant tests can obtain their ballots records of qualifications with electronic signature and CVS code, which facilitates the collation of universities. At its first week over 3,000 ballots, 1,800 of which was generated in the first 12 p.m. , figures that show the volume of paperwork that can be avoided through this system.

Until now, students were with numerous restrictions because the ballot papers issued were not signed. Therefore, on numerous occasions the pupil should seek a new ballot leading to an administrative action more – print, sign and send it or resubmitted convey this money and in that occurred in situations of high stress due to short deadlines for booked at universities.

Immediate matching and double-check

When implementing the electronic signature and CSV code, the administration of destination can collate immediately in the document the electronic UNED (Opens in new window) , which in turn is integrated with that of the ministry and uses its same processes.
This process has involved the team of qualifications and e-government by the UNED. Has involved the team also portafirmas by the MINHAP. The final result has been a ballot paper that is signed electronically and incorporates CSV code. This is a dual system of checking and cotejode ballot which is legally binding.

UNED, pioneering university

UNED thus becomes a pioneering university in integrating information technology processes, as part of existing processes available in the computer services of various administrations. The common effort of both entities is framed within a pre-commitment, which seeks the extension of the electronic administration in all areas of the university. Thus, in the UNED is already mandatory the use of electronic billing and there are various procedures to be realized through the electronic.

In its desire to make further progress in relations with the MINHAP, UNED is proposed to have a BIKE (Internal Newsletter for the coordination Of Information), both complete segmented, with as CSV codes; incorporate more red tape to the electronic and is now engaged with the MINHAP in the pilot project of Archive, an electronic archive solution, which is situated within the strategic lines of the directorate of information and communication, MINHAP, to keep providing horizontal solutions all public administrations, in areas as varied as the Notification Document Management, Centralized and adapting it to ENI, advanced services in The Electronic, Invoice, transparency, brokering, and on the rationalization and reuse of computer systems in many cases using cutting-edge technologies, such as Cloud, with the ultimate objective of improving the efficiency and the citizens.

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