PAe - New technical note: the OBSAE Cl@ve - Electronic Identity to the public authorities
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New technical note: the OBSAE Cl@ve - Electronic Identity to the public authorities

29 may 2015

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Enable citizens to access to electronic services provided by the Public administrations.

The system Cl@ve is the common platform of the public Sector Administrative State for the identification, authentication and electronic signature with the aim to facilitate access to public services electronic public administrations.

Cl@ve is a system designed to harmonize and simplify access electronic administration. Its main objective is that the citizens can identify to the administration through concerted keys (user password), without having to remember different keys for accessing the various services. Its use is open to the entire Public Sector Administrative State also allowing integrated into the rest of the public authorities.

Cl@ve complements existing DNI-e and access through electronic certificates, and will provide, in phase 2 of the project, the possibility of signing into the cloud with personal certificates in remote servers

It has been a project promoted by the office of finance and Public Administrations, through the department of information and communication technologies and led by the management of Social security, in addition the national tax administration agency and the General police directorate.

It is now six months since the start up, on 19 november 2014, during phase 1 of the project that provides mechanisms for identification and authentication. Since then the growth of use has been very high by overcoming the past 20 may, the million registered users in the system.

A project Cl@ve is of particular significance, not only for the significant benefits for citizens and administrations, to simplify access to services of electronic administration, but also by representing the first project in the collaborative approach to the provision of common services, one of the guiding principles in the new ict strategy that emerged with the establishment of the directorate of information and communication technologies of the state secretariat for Public administrations.

In the new technical note OBSAE " Cl@ve - Electronic Identity to the public authorities "provides more information on action taken in this process and the objectives achieved.

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