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Map of characterization of open access initiatives in spain

17 march 2015

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The project within the portal PROVIDES has prepared this map in order to facilitate the identification of the initiatives of existing open data, as well as to stimulate the implementation of others.

Through this point of access the user can locate geographically each project open database indentificados today.

In addition to locate the catalogues of open public administrations, is indicated by a scale of colors if are central, regional or local level. Clicking on the score of each project, the visitor has access to data on the initiative to publicly available.

To improve the process of user search, the tool gives you different filters that allow segmenting initiatives open data according to the following criteria:

  • Thematic. Available twenty and four categories of filtering encompassed the main areas of activity.
  • Geographical coverage. It is possible to segregate the project at the national, regional or local level.
  • Degree of reuse. Following the outline of five stars of Tim Berners-Lee, it is possible to localize initiatives according to the degree of re-use of data sets available.
  • Point of reference. To enable the checkbox SPARQL are situated in the map all initiatives that offer this service.

The information provided is revised regularly to check its veracity. However, it invites users to get in touch with if detected an error in the field of information or visit an initiative open data to become operative and web page with open data not included in the view.

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