PAe - New subscription options of the CTT solutions.
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New options of subscription to the CTT solutions.

july 17 2015

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Any user can subscribe to the solutions of the PTT and receive your e-mail, besides news, updates and additions of documents carried out in the download area.

The PAe weekly newsletter distributed via e-mail a gathering of the PAe stories highlighted and solutions of the PTT, upcoming events of electronic administration and a selection of prominent twittes sent from our official @obsae (Opens in new window) .

To complement this newsletter and adapt to changing needs that have been demanding, it has improved management module of subscriptions to solutions PTT So we intend to improve the channels of communication facilities of each solution offering a more proactive response to our end users.

The management of subscriptions to solutions of the PTT will take the following characteristics:

  • The subscription to a solution will be undertaken individually in each solution. This option would be available in the general tab "" all solutions. It is also possible to make direct contact http://administracionelectronica.gob.es/ctt/ # subscriptions.
  • The sending the subscriptions are carried out daily For any solution that has signed will find a single mail accumulating all changes made to such a solution. If there are no changes are not receive an email.
  • The subscription will include for each solution:
    • The news that have been registered in such a solution.
    • The changes in download area :
      • Shall be notified of new files (downloads) and modifications of files (updates involving uploading a new file)
      • There will be reported changes in reporting of folders, descriptions, names of the downloads, etc.
    • There will be a link to the file to download it directly.
  • The subscription to a solution can also conduct by anonymous users internet access although they were notified only content updates declared as servants. Users with administration does profile receive notifications on all the changes in the files but can only download them where they are identified in the system and you are connected through the network SARA.
  • Registered users in PAe may in aggregate form to consult the solutions which are signed . For this once identified with your username in PAe, they get in the top menu right "" Configuration and the new screen you will have to access "" subscriptions.

Remember that to manage properly your subscriptions is imperative that updated remain the e-mail accounts associated with your users in PAe.

We hope that this new feature would be useful in improving the monitoring of all of the CTT solutions.

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