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The Government and parliament of La Rioja signed a cooperation agreement for the computerized management of the accounts of the camera

25 february 2015

Through this agreement the executive riojano makes available to the parliament, free of charge, the accounting application SicalWin, allowing for the elaboration and implementation of budgets, management and treasury management económico-financiera.

The convention is in force until 31 december 2015, and will be automatically extended for annual periods.

The commitments affect both sides. The Executive riojano makes available to the Parliament, free of charge, the accounting application SicalWin than a help desk to the user on the management of the tool.

For its part, parliament riojano undertakes to provide a computer appropriate and sufficient capacity for such implementation. In addition, it will have to assume the burden of the initial data.

The Digital strategy for a E-government in La Rioja for 2013-2015 includes among its objectives, “ increase cooperation between administrations that will generate savings for the public sector and the interoperability of systems ”.

Implementation ‘ SicalWin ’

The implementation SicalWin is a powerful, comprehensive and consolidated integrated system of economic management, financial and budget issues, specially designed for Public Administration.

Currently, the government of La Rioja offers this application to 160 municipalities in la rioja, to provide a tool which will facilitate the elaboration and implementation of the budget of the entity, the treasury management … the cost of service is 30.934 per year.

In the near future, will be carried out an interface with the beijing platform for electronic invoicing of the government of La Rioja in such a way that the invoices sent viewed reflected automatically SicalWin.

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