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The administration of the balearic islands increases dramatically telematic procedures

20 april 2015

Since the 38.576 telematic applications registered en2010 until 108.957 in 2014 as indicated in the regional government itself.

“ The Administration, as citizens, will be increasingly aware of the importance, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the benefits of new technologies, ” the minister of economy and competitiveness's policies of the balearic islands. It has also underlined “ the sharing of data between the various administrations reduces bureaucratic burdens on the citizens, thereby saving time and money ”. In this regard, he referred to the importance of local governments, island and autonomous governments share the same information through new tencologías.

The regional government has made progress in electronic administration of the past few years. The number of telematic procedures offered to the citizen has reached the 108.957 in 2014, the number of documents and stored digitally signed by the government reaches 349.293 during the 2014 and services more consulted through the network have been keeping abreast of payment in Social security and identity data.

In respect of invoice after since 15 january 2015 mandatory the electronic submission of invoices from vendors who have delivered goods and services in public administration, have already been presented at the CAIB 27,000 invoicing, 25 per cent of the total turnover.

These and other data on e-government in the balearic islands have been publicized in the seventh day of E-government 2015, organized by the General directorate of innovation and Technological Development of baleares

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