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The Basque Government adopted the draft law to upgrade the structure of the Basque Public Administration designed 30 years ago

17 september 2014

The draft law on the Basque Public Administration is born after 10 months of intense work, debate and contrast with all the actors involved and its aim is to design a new legal framework that will convert the basque public Administration in a quality public service capable of responding na effectively necesides of citizenship of the twenty-first century and on the new principles of governance: participation, transparency and citizen engagement in public affairs.

  • The participation, transparency and cooperation in the design and evaluation of public policies, core elements of a project that the government commitment to the basque House for the discussion of the parliamentary groups.
  • Among new stresses that citizenship shall be entitled to the basque public Administration responsive to their requests for public information in a period not exceeding 15 days, otherwise, may appeal to the “ basque Agency Transparencia-Gardena ”.
  • Political parties, employers' organisations, trade unions and all entities that receive subsidies will be affected by the obligations of active advertising.
  • The project presented by the first time the requirements for the creation of public entities may not be created: new involving duplicity and whose birth is not adequately justified.

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